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I know. The point is, the digital revolution is nothing more than a grab for power over us and that deletion from DVR's is just one example. In theme with OP

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They deleted Jess Ventura's Conspiracy Theory from people's DVR and never broadcast the show again.

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Market Up = Fake (to prop up for erection year, entice retail to buy the tops, etc) Gold Up = Real market forces aka Smart Money. Reckoning is coming.

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Who is the warning for? Spoiler alert, it ain't for the normies (or us)

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You can lead a man to knowledge but you can't make him think.

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Another pandemic might come for a disease we don't know even know exists yet, but we know how many it will kill. Who believes this crap.

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MOre like it was all a big setup from the jump. Probably killed the guy and dressed him up. Oh, and plant some ghost guns, cause that's the establishment angle for gun control right now

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Did Congress declare war? I must have not gotten the memo.

by PepeSee
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"Sources say"

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