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Never watched a single video, but also suspected very easily that he was suspicious. When you know, you know.

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This is not about safety for children (obviously they care not for that). This is a march towards Gov Internet ID.

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Good luck cause it ain't happening. The logistics of gun confiscation, especially during widespread unrest are just not there. It's a good laugh hearing people try and fear monger about it though.

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I like the guy in the video (had been following for a couple weeks) but I stopped watching because of his clickbait titles.

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Look at the address bar. Did you type that in without the https? then yes, its unsecure. I see https on mine. No trouble.

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Roaring Kitty going live tomorrow 12-gmt-4. Speculation is, he will trigger the gamma squeeze by selling his 5 million shares for the funds to exercise 12 million shares all (120k contracts) and then everyone else watching likely to exercise their calls. SHTF tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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Sometimes people just wake up (when things get so obviously bad). That being said, I don't trust him, but do think we should give him a chance. Better to use snippets of him to wake up whatever normies in your life are left that believe their lying eyes.

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