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Instead of a revolver, he should be holding a hoagie.

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But you're not wrong about the 'so much cancer' bit.

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This one has me a bit puzzled. I'm familiar, at least on a surface level of CERN, the wormhole stuff, the "God Particle" research, but I don't understand the adult diaper angle. Is it just the kind of random inane thing that normies seem to fixate on?

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Yes! And I like this one as a companion quote:

"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear."

Mark Twain

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This is super cold. But,

"All of them."

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I can just see the headlines: "Vivek: The Brown Face of White Supremacy."

Seriously, it's that's absurd now.

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I don't trust VR, and I won't vote for him. But he sure seems to be good at bashing neocons.

In one of my more entertaining and optimistic theories, VR is a WH/MAGA/DJT plant, and once he has chewed up the remaining RINO losers, and they drop out, he bows out of the race himself (or his swampiness is widely exposed and he's forced out) and throws his support behind DJT.

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Remember the night before he was installed (like a toilet) and he gave that speech in Delaware? He was crying. Or, he appeared to be crying. He was about to embark on an unwanted, but required journey, perhaps? And he was informed how it was going to end?

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Well done!

Personally, I'd just prefer to call him a liar. Saves time.

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How many quits can a quitter quit if a quitter could quit quits?

Ow. That one hurt my brains a little bit.

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