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Ok...I opened this post and within a second or two my computer screen went completely black for about 10 seconds. Anyone else experience that?

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I know I shouldn't say this...but I can't stand that woman!

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God is reclaiming the rainbow!!!

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I refuse to listen. I can't do it. Our society is so broken. We need God. Now.

God forgive them for they do not know what they do.

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Is it plagerism to submit it to my local paper?

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I don't really know him but saw him in an interview once and seems legit in his God-given gift to be a vessel for healing. Here's a link to his website and prayers for cancer healing. http://prayingmedic.org/prayer/ Prayer is powerful. God bless you, your dad and all your loved ones.

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Praying Medic might be able to help?

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God bless them and protect them. May His Army of Angels lead them to victory against the tyranny.

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I had seen on Frontline Doctors website that Dr. Z had recommended Black Seed Oil as a good substitute for IVM if it wasn't available, particularly as a prophylactic. So I've been taking it and it has lowered my BP enough that I've cut my BP med dose in half. I'm thinking I might increase the amount I'm taking and be done with my med.

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I pray this prayer daily for my son, daughter and other family members who took the shot. This prayer was said to be given to a man of faith by Jesus in December 2020. I trust in Jesus to heal them.


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And Julie Green's prophesy given today, on the Word received from God on August 1st, includes mention that Iceland will be in the news. Wow. Prophesies are coming to pass quickly!

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Agreed! Not to mention transgender crap everywhere and mutilating little kids. These times are worse than Noah's days, worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. Humanity needs a heavenly wake-up call!

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I was watching Pastor David Scarlett a few weeks ago on his show Take 5. He gets intel from military buddies. He told Julie Green, who was his guest on the show that day, that there have been over 60 attempts on President Trump's life. God definitely has his back. :)

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From March 10th prophecy of Julie Green: "Breaking news will show birds suddenly dropping out of the sky. There will be no explanation for why they died. This is another sign all your enemies are being judged, and nothing can stop that. "

Today's message (find it on rumble) conveys that we are VERY close to things happening. God is in control.

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And according to prophecy given to Julie Green, the WH will be struck by lightning and burn down to the ground, uncovering all of the evil deeds done there.

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Matt Walsh does an excellent and entertaining job showing how f'd up our society is today. It's hard to believe how we have come this far in such a short time. God help us and the next generation.

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Thanks for sharing! I was turned on to Julie Green on this site and follow her daily with the prophetic words she receives. It has truly given me hope for this country and the world. I strongly recommend following her!