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Did Rothchilds use the Bolsheviks (commies) to take out the Romanovs?

Seems highly likely.

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When I first heard this theory a couple years ago, I thought: elite bankers controlling communist China? No way.

Today, I find this completely believable.

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World Bank and the IMF financed the rise of China

It's Public Record

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And they live on Central Park West in NYC.

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Eyes open

The cabal has no political affiliation. They will use whichever party and whomever in any party who can enrich them.

They do believe in 1 god above everything. My God is represented by a crucifix. Their God is represented by $$$$.

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Rothschild are the bolsheviks.

Nobody knows history here? Wtf

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Stalin was a well funded puppet of someone. I'm not sure who yet.

But Nicolas wasn't ready for the world stage when it was given to him.

Famine, War, and the uprising of communism lead by a demand for change because of the growing wealth gap is what lead to the family's ultimate demise.

It's a really sad story about the fall of the house of Romanov.

But I know the spearhead Stalin was funded and paid for. Buy who, like I said, not sure yet. This was also at the turn of the 20th century. When the global banking system was really coming into fruition. Which is also when a whole load of wars were being fought between loads of different countries.

It really seems war is the enemy's favorite tool to institute and user forth more financial and economic control over the countries of the world.

It seems it starts off with the injection of false propaganda from all sides to stir up people's emotions so as to condition and garner acceptance for the NEED for war, and then the war itself, which in the process kills many lines the pockets even more of the people really pulling the strings, and in the end, resolutions are either formed or have been established in the process of war, that end up giving even more power to the global banking institutions, such as "The Victory Tax" which is the grandfather of today's "Federal Income Tax" which is completely unconstitutional, but was instituted originally to gain financial support to help end Hitler. In WWII.

The Rothschilds are an old family that came to prominence by profiting off of the napoleonic wars between france and england if my memory serves me right. So it wouldn't surprise me a bit if they had something to do with Russia's Last Czar and his family dying.

But I don't know that for sure, so I cannot say. But this business with The CCP and the Global Bankers makes a whole lot of sense.

This post was a good one, and I'm going to be digging into links between the CCP, Crown Corp, Rothschilds, and Vatican. Because I bet more than anything they have all been in bed together for quite some time now. Toppling opposition through subversion and false narritives.

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I read a book on the last days of the Romanovs earlier this year and it is a tragic tale. You are right in that Nicholas was not ready for the world stage but it was thrust upon him at the death of his father. His relationship with his family is very touching

  • it was obvious he loved them very much, and while his track record as a leader was not good, that does not justify the murder of him and his family.

It was a very strange time but in many ways, there are a lot of echoes of that history playing out right now. The intermarriage of the heads of the different states for power reminded me a great deal of how many high ranking government officials are married to media figures to control communications. The St. Petersburg crowd and the bubble they lived in is similar to DC/NY/LA/SV bubble and their narcissistic tendencies. The sheer hatred they had for Alexandra reminds me of Trump - she was raised British but both had German backgrounds. Way too much money in the hands of a few. Bolshiveks were violent people - look at Antifa. It was a little eye opening.

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Not sure if Rothchilds specifically, but the global bankers funded Lenin's revolution.

WW1 was used to destroy the European monarchies and create a lot of smaller nation states.

WW2 was used to put the said nation states under 2 zones of influence: USA and USSR, both which were controlled by zionists.

It's a pretty deep rabbit hole. You're welcome to explore it.

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If you take the line , refered to as the political spectrum, and connect it to form a loop.... what you see is that nazism and communism are one in the same...

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Oh, I agree. But the difference is that one regime slaughtered millions of it's own civilians and starved them into submission in every single country it was implemented, while the other created a nation of patriotic zealots.

In theory, they're the same. In practice totally differnt.

Disclaimer: not a nazi sympathizer, far from it.

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The "Iran" of the far-east

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Nazis fought the commies fool.

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Quote from the most decorated US Marine Corps general in history, Smedley Butler: "War is just a racket. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of people. Only a small inside group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the masses."

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Smedley was asked by Prescott Bush to take 500k American veterans and take over Washington d.c.

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All for show

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Skull and Bones. Hmmm. Mao-friendly.

HW Bush spent a year in China. A Bones elite, if there was ever one.

Wikipedia says: September 26, 1974 – December .7, 1975.

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Bush skull and bones just like kerry

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Bush is more like Kerry than most people know because they are brothers from the same tribe.

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So Bush was in the German Navy when he was only 14?

These photos are always scanned at such low resolution and JPG compressed so much that you can't really recognize anyone in them. I would like to see a high quality scan with no compression.

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As a tip, use Deepl when translating anything if possible, it tends to be more accurate. In this case it was mostly fine, but sometimes google fucks up a key detail that can change the meaning of the whole passage. Happy digging.

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Tx for this great tip ??

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Ty for resource fren

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Thanks for this

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Thank you!

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You are most welcome.

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Awesome links! Thanks for sharing - good info

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No problem. Glad you liked them. Knowledge is Power as someone famous is supposed to have said.

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Bush said in a TV interview that he couldn't remember where he was when he heard that Kennedy was shot. Everyone I know who was alive back then can remember exactly where they were. It would seem that Bush didn't "hear" that Kennedy was shot because he was there and saw it in person.

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My grandfather always said "China is the template for world governance, its the laboratory of the powerful", at a time when the internet wasn't even a thing.

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Mao was a prolific paedophile, with a string of little girls on demand. Plus ca change.

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Amazing how widespread yet hidden that mental disease is...ugh.

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Got any sauce? Wouldn't surprise me though. Absolute power corrupts absolutely

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Should be on record. That's how it came out, perfect record-keeping. I first read it in a biography, can't be that many. Will check my bookshelf.

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That'd be a good read for HS

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This is it 'Mao: The Unknown Story' by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday, 2005.


Wiki doesn't touch the paedophilia.

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I have also read a letter from Mao to either Truman or Eisenhower where the commies capitulated to the the cabal. I wished I kept a copy of it but lost it.

Did you know that the commies during the jap invasion were running away from the fighting and only engaged in about 15 to 20% while the Nationalists (ones who fled to Taiwan) did most of the fighting. I'm guessing the commies had orders from the cabal so to weaken the nationalists so that it was easier to take over China.

I am praying that the CCP is working with coalition of good guys to get rid of the Rothchild yoke around their neck, too. Yes, it's wishful thinking but if you look at the pandemic and covid, it's painfully obvious it's a show if you look close enough. China loses face and pays 10+trillion in repatriations but they can afford it but at least they're free.

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The Rothschilds own the CCP because the CCP owes them $44 trillion.

The CCP can't take a shit without the Rothschild's permission.

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Makes me want to watch The Good Shepherd again...context.

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Federal Reserve tells employees to avoid 'biased terms' like 'Founding Fathers'


The Federal Reserve has instructed employees to adopt "bias-free language" and avoid using biased terms like "Founding Fathers," according to an internal webpage obtained by Fox News.

The Federal Reserve's Board of Governors issued the guidance for all employees nationwide on April 29, a former Fed staffer with knowledge of the matter told Fox News.


Hmmm which roths own most of the private for profit federal reserve? What other curtains have they been behind?

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Not hard to imagine anymore.

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Yes the Cabal created many political ideologies.

Used as a tool for control while they could stay hidden.

The hidden hand!