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Based on a typical paperback containing a million characters those shelves might represent only a gigabyte or two.

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It is most likely true. However, animals are much more sensible than we humans. They just get on with it. They feel no need to play the victim, virtue signal, change their clothes or have life-altering operations.

Neither do they feel the need to lecture their offspring, at length, about this minority behaviour or make it the main point of their lives. Heck, they don't even change pronouns!

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There are similarities between Hitler and Trump. Germany was a basket case following WW1. Berlin had lost all sense of morality; the global Jewish community had declared a business war on Germany; inflation was devastating; Germans now living in other countries were being persecuted, and even killed.

Hitler fixed all that. He instigated many massive infrastructure projects. The autobahns and Volkswagen still persist to this day. Their military rose again. Germany became a leader in engineering. They instigated the liquid-fueled rocket technology that was used after the war by the USA and Russia to explore space and pioneered the jet engine in parallel with the UK.

With the US, it seems as if they are holding themselves back with all kinds of unnecessary rules. trump started clearing all that out and he allowed businesses to do what they do best. Employment rose; disposable income increased; international virtue-signalling was curtailed; global projects requiring US cash were scrutinised.

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The Campus Reform YouTube Channel has some interesting videos using politician's quotes. For instance this one.

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Various scenarios spring to mind:

  1. Biden will mess up and that will be the excuse to get rid of him.
  2. There will be some disruptive event affecting Trump that means the debates cannot take place.
  3. There will be some disruptive event affecting Biden that means the debates cannot take place.
  4. There will be some disruptive event affecting everyone that means the debates cannot take place.
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Israel might not want her, either, because she is not Jewish. Her original name was Caryn Elaine Johnson but she changed it to get on the right side of the movers and shakers in Hollywood.

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The main point for me is that, according to Vostok Ice Core Data from Antarctica, CO2 rises only after the temperature has increased. It increases some centuries later. Now, you will find lots of mealy-mouthed explanations as to why that doesn't matter but it still seems important to me.

Are CO2 levels high now? Well, they are just over 400ppm now but they have been around 7,000ppm in the past. If levels drop below 200ppm then plants will struggle to grow so the world will have no food. Note: The scale is logarithmic. the warming increase from 100ppm to 200ppm is the same as between 400pppm and 800ppm.

This is an interesting montage. The graph on the left is from NASA and it shows how big the temperature correction is. (The data will be a few years out of date now because i gave up following the climate hoax some years ago!) Note how they increase modern temperatures entirely arbitrarily then tell us that the increase is all real!

The other pictures show how we do not have a uniform set of thermometers across the world so calculating an average temperature is subject to all kinds of manipulation.

The bottom-right chart shows that most warming occurs where thermometers are fewest. How strange is that?

Another interesting picture shows that over 10,000 years in Greenland, temperatures have been falling while CO2 has been increasing.

Then there was the famous "hockey stick graph" from Mann, Bradley and Hughes (1998, 1999). One of their tree ring curves went down at the end of the graph showing that tree rings do not work very well as current temperature indicators so they just did not show that on the chart. The real question is: If tree rings don't work now, why do we think they work for the past?

They also missed out the Medieval Warm Period which was warmer than now, Mann was very coy about his correlation statistics (R-squared valued) and his data was not initially available for anyone to check it. Oh, and he did not get his Principal Component Analysis exactly right. It does show a current warming spike, though, so it was pushed for all it was worth.

Just like the plandemic scare, if you were an expert on the subject but did not go along with the approved narrative then you could lose your job or not be able to get any research funding.

What is the hoax for? Follow the money. Carbon Credits etc. What better to run the Globalist New World Order than a Global tax of some sort. The climate hoax provides an excuse to tax everyone in the world and to have the funds administered by a global organisation.

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I suspect they were made offers they could not refuse.

If I was given the choice of mislaying some ballots or of having my children tortured to death I am fairly sure I would not have worried too much about the election. Just sayin' ...

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The definition of "Hormones" is "Cries from a brothel."

OK, I was leaving anyway ...

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The patent is about sound waves not 5G signals so, presumably, any type of mast would do to mount sound equipment on?

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It could have been a "honey trap."

These days I think everything is suspicious. Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me!

There was once a website for whistleblowers who wanted to remain anonymous but it was taken over by people who wanted to catch whistleblowers. If you want to hide on the Internet you are encouraged to get a VPN. That means that by monitoring VPN providers, rather than ISPs, you have a higher probability of catching people up to no good.

People who offer free services on-line are suspicious. Why not just let you download the program? If they do the processing then they have your data. The same goes for cloud storage and email systems like GMail etc.

How could anyone get enough data to calibrate and test a facial recognition system? What about collecting everyone's selfies? Lots of pictures of the same person in all kinds of environments and the identity of one person already known. Ideal!

How might AI assist with computer programming or how might a development environment provide useful clues about what code should come next? Why not set up something like GitHub where thousands of people would provide you with free samples of real-world code to get your system trained on?

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Wikimedia has a nice picture.

And Amazon has an interesting looking book.


  • The Supreme Court building in Jerusalem, Israel was constructed with Rothschild money, donated by Dorothy De Rothschild, fulfilling the desire of her late husband, Lord James De Rothschild.

  • They agreed to donate to the building under three conditions: the Rothschilds were to choose the plot of land, they would choose their own architects and no one would ever know the price of its construction. The reasons for those conditions are quite evident: the Supreme Court building is virtually a Temple of Masonic / Illuminati Mystery Religion. It is a parody of the Jewish Temple.

  • Meanwhile, plans are moving ahead as Israel continues preparations for the coming Third Temple on the Temple Mount, Jerusalem in which the Antichrist will sit.

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