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Youtube's under Google, or "Alphabet", has been for a while. I don't think they'll let that one out from under their boot any time soon, though I hope they get it swept out from under them somehow if only for the chance for the site to improve, it's been going to shit for years.

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Mitsubishi is a Japanese company, originally a clan in their country, they rose to prominence with the modernization of the country and became one of "The Big Four", one of the biggest companies in the Japanese Zaibatsu (effectively very big companies ruled by a single family, that had massive sway in the way the country was governed). It originally was created as the Tsukumo Shokai [九十九商会] (Direct translation: 99 company) in 1870, but changed it's name in 1873 to Mitsubishi Shokai [三菱商会] (DT: three water caltrop company). The emblem and name of the company is the family crest of the clan that ruled the founders birthplace, and who employed him. The Mitsubishi Clan, based on 三 meaning three, and 菱 which means water caltrop, a plant whos leaves are shaped like diamonds, hence the emblem being three diamonds.

Overall I'd say the more modern and western emblems are more likely to actually be intended as this symbolism, but when you get into old, eastern symbols you start to get into things that are far more complicated, as while the deep state is very old, it would be unlikely for them to have such extreme influence in Japan at the time, especially as they were more focused on directly ruling over and colonizing other nations instead of setting up shadow companies in them. Nissan is also a member of the Zaibatsu, as is Toyota, Honda, etc. although the zaibatsu are now called Keiretsu, they're effectively the same thing.

If anything, it's more likely the Zaibatsu came to blows with the deep state at the time, and after world war 2, agreed to cooperate and work together after Japans defeat, acting as a door to allow the deep state into the country while maintaining a veneer of independence.

The logos are incredibly unlikely to have been designed by them, but they're inarguably linked to them today if only through both the Zaibatsu and Deep States desire for power. Rant over.

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Project HOPE is massively tied to the CIA, to the point you can find that even on their Wikipedia page. It's led by Rabih Torbay who was previously a member of and held several leading roles in the International Medical Corps (or IMC, involved in Haiti in 2010), which is a founding member of One Campaign and a member of the Clinton Global Initiative. IMC is also funded by USAID, which again, is stated on their own Wikipedia page to be likely to be a front for the CIA ("worked closely with") as well as being partially funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, ECHO and the UN.

Torbay also wrote "urban displacement and redrawing new border" in which it is stated

"Over 60% of the world’s 19.5 million refugees, and 80% of the 34 million IDPs live in urban environments,” according to UNHCR. In the Middle East, more than 90% of those displaced live in non-camp urban settings. NGOs and the UN need to retool their response to accommodate urban displacement. Furthermore, the world needs to recognize the fact that new borders might be redrawn in the region: Borders based on religious and ethnic affiliations."

Outright stating that the UN and NGOs need to become directly involved in redrawing other countries borders.







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Eating all that fancy food in that big and expensive building. Donuts, fine dining, pristine little tables set up just for them. Their jobs must be sooooooo hard! Thank God Canada has cops like them to curb stop those uppity toddlers and grandmas. Who knows what we'd do without them. #hero

They really are like dogs, sick them on people and give them a little treat when they do good, they'll kiss any dirty ass they're told to.

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Hello! I just wanted to let you know that the Eastern letters are Japanese, of which I speak a little of, although I'm not the best. Luckily, the words on the music book are very easy and basic for my level, so I'd like to let you know they are 女の子 (onna no co), meaning "little girl" "daughter" or "young woman". Let me know if you ever need more Japanese translated, I should be able to do even the hard bits given enough time to look up the bits I don't know.

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I wonder if Blizzard's recent "troubles" are connected to this.

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Seems to also include streaming things like video games. If done right he could undermine both Twitch and Youtube, thankfully, as both are woke barely functioning shit piles.

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No sense taking hostages no one would want back.

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China eyeing that lithium again.

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Here's another

If that thread expires you can always fined the new one by searching "Qアノン" on the site.

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As a tip, use Deepl when translating anything if possible, it tends to be more accurate. In this case it was mostly fine, but sometimes google fucks up a key detail that can change the meaning of the whole passage. Happy digging.

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Anyone willing to post a breakdown for your brothers with terrible internet? I can glean some things from the comments but I don't know if I'm missing something important.

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At a glance it seems to be age, I don't know chinese though.

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I don't know, but maybe it's to see how awake people really are? There's a difference in being awake and just aligning yourself with a new puppet master. If enough people vote for Drew, maybe it just shows they still don't want to think and are just voting whatever POTUS says to vote. In that case, certain actions taken by the Q team would only open up America to the swamp again after removing them.

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We've already got a puppet, just paint him green or something.

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Israel bombs the missile sites, if they didn't they'd just keep being shot at from them. Hamas sets the missile sites up in places with women and children nearby specifically to fuck with people like you. There is no good course of action for Israel, only a best course of action.

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If they made the virus, what's to stop them from getting the REAL vaccine? The lower class gets the fake stuff, and the people who they want to stay in place get the good stuff.

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I like the view on my fence, personally. I'll never vote for a democrat, don't get me wrong, I absolutely think they're scum, evil, pedos, and satanists, but I just don't know whether Q's legit. The idea of a small group taking on a world of elites who've entrenched themselves over hundreds of years seems daunting. I think he wants it to seem that way though, so I'll just take care of the things I can take care of and leave the things he can take care of to him. I'll keep my ears and eyes peeled and see how things turn out.

My only complaint so far is the vaccines, I know people who've taken them and they aren't bad people. All this talk about prions and huge populations getting severely hurt worries me. They aren't dumb people, they were scared and just wanted to feel safe again. If they've taken advantage of my friends and they've hurt them as badly as the rumors say, I'll be willing to do anything trumps says to get them back for it. I just pray there's a twist in this movie for the people who got duped and might have to live with permanent brain damage because of it, something to fix them maybe...

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The way I think of it is they're like rats. If you shine a light on one of them and it isn't their idea, they scramble to every corner of the globe in a heartbeat. I'm one who hopes Q's real but acts like he isn't for my own life's sake, but if they're doing something then they'd better act fast.

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Our governor is a rino. She'll stab us in the back in as many ways she thinks she can get away with.

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The government is like a ship, and the deep state (as of now) is it's acting captain.

The captain takes out his spy glass, looks far ahead, and starts to panic. He orders all his men to start adjusting sails, readying guns, etc. The crew doesn't understand, but they do it.

What did the captain see that could cause such a panic?


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