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Marker madnesss, and the 5 different meanings of 5 D chess…. This movie has my balls so blue…. Somehow i still can’t turn away….

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That motherfucker needs a cabinet position in 47s administration… hands down

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Trump will lose 20% of gop to rfk… dems lose 33%… however less than 5 % gop will vote dems but 20% dems will vote trump. Indies are split, but i would say 50% trump 33% rfk ad the rest biden(dem)

Long short… rfk siphons more from dems than reps.

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Good… lets start this party….

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LOL, only need 10% to overthrow the country… and we are at 25% (which i would put it more toward 50 imo)… if it werent for Q and the plan… i believe this would have already come to pass

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If they stop the vote fixing like they did in 2016… then it will be all 50

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Bank teller: so you are withdrawing 10k from your account why?

Man: to prove troons is nothing but a conditioned mental illness.

Teller: by paying 10k for a study

Man: no to show my kid will choose two fukin cookies over 10k in cash.

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35% of the breathing left, will vote rfk…. 20 % will vote trump, leaving only 45% of the pilse bearing left voting for Biden/big Mike…. Most GOP will vote for trump.. i would say even 33% across indies for all

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The guy on the left… his name is boy…

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“Hey…. Who’s this brandon guy…. I dont know who he is but sounds like my kinda guy”… Joe biden to UAW crowd

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If i was a DS’er right now… i would be looking to clandestinely buy a house on an island somewhere, and go off grid and live the rest of my life secluded… because shits about to get really real for them…

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Silver should be closer to 6k and gold 18k in my opinion… but hey… supressors gonna suppress.

Stack that gold and silver while u can lads

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Guess the skin suit, is quickly becoming my favorite game…

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