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...but we should take a moment to take courage in the fact that this dark chapter our beloved nation is concluding, is indeed coming to an end. We are not alone.

More amazing, that we were here to see it, that we are a part a part of it, and we have been chosen to bind our country's wounds when it's our turn. We will tell these stories for hundreds of years.

Eternal love and deepest respect to those who began this nation's journey. Fiercest loyalty and the gravest commitment to those who will save it. Highest courage and honor to those beside us. Faith in God to guide us.

Never take our independence for granted. Never see freedom as permanent. We all know by now, there are those that hate it and us. Fires of hell for them.

I don't know you. I don't need to know you. But I stand beside you to defend this blessed nation, whatever that looks like.

May Independence Day be a day of proud and profound gratefulness.