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looking at the person with the book, noticing...is that an "eat the pain" cut on their finger?

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maybe make a thread looking for Canada pedes to meet up. Create your own Canada Pepe Pede discord or something ¯_ (ツ)_/¯

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Thanks, My wife is a nurse practitioner and believes her anitbodies are passed through the milk. Healthy beautiful baby girl born Sept 1. No issues to report. WWG1WGA

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Probably "her" intent

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That'd be great if they actually get sucked into rabbit holes

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yea, but the look on the dude's face, the smirk as he gets cuffed seeing the rest of the sheep look upon him. you just feel for they guy, like we're with you bro! they should have given him a standing ovation. you know they don't want to wear that shit

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lol, im curious, did you see the smirking judge first? or came up with the meme first and search for the smirk?

I would love for movie credits to start rolling and end this bullshit!

great work

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was wondering when they'd show up

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