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Q has asked us, how do you introduce evidence legally?

One way is to walk your enemy into the trap.

One of the anons mentioned couple days ago, Trump's executive order confiscating assets of people connected to crimes against humanity. I say, yes indeed.

The Biden admin has been giving free money to the banks. All they had to do is purchase bonds with the money. This created small amount of free income for the banks and kept the stock market from plunging.

Little did they know is at some point in the near future, if Trump wanted to shut it down, all they had to do is raise interest rates. The profits from the bonds would flip and turn in to a net loss. Bank would net to sell stocks to maintain liquidity and down she goes.

If you wanted to track down the evidence for things like money laundering, I assume it would be at a bank and perhaps at banks holding assets for crypto. A portion of the SVB assets was from a cypto called "Circle".

Circle is a peer-to-peer payments technology company that manages the popular stablecoin USDC, a cryptocurrency the value of which is pegged to the U.S. dollar. Having the same value as a dollar make it convenient way to hide and pay for illegal activities. $ 3.3 Billion, lets take a look.

So what you do is have a bunch of investigation, gather evidence, determine where you need to look when following the money and one day in the future you open the doors of all the banks and say lets have your records.

We assume all the money going to Ukraine is being laundered back to the democrats, we have the FTX scandal that leads in many directions.

Unwinding the financial spider web of corruption is going to require many people looking at this, ....87,000 new IRS agents would definitely be helpful. Perfect timing I would say.

Other things to look at? Where did the money go when Clinton was selling Uranium to Russia? (Uranium 1) There had to be money changing hands with Epstein/Maxwell and coconspirators, lets take a look. What about child trafficking? How is that money being shifted around? Hunter Biden's financial records were recently subpoenaed. What about the Clinton Foundation and money stolen from Haiti? How many different rabbit holes can we look down? Many!!!

The bedrock of the corruption is the hidden banking records, following the money will verify all the evidence in the many investigations that never went anywhere.

Why do we see all of the unsealed indictments that have been building? Because the FBI is corrupt, keeping the swamp drain disclosed from corrupt individuals would be crucial to prevent leaks. These indictments include search warrants and surveillance warrants to collect evidence on the black hats. It has been ongoing for 6 years.

Why is the globalists pushing this CBDC right now? They know their current system is being scrutinized and investigated by the white hats.. Yes they want to control us but I think the globalists came to late. Once investigators follow the money and shut down the banking cartel, eliminating their corrupt system will be mandatory.

Read the following Q drop very carefully.


Stay safe my frens!!!