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When I was a kid that would mean fully retired on full Social Security. Nowadays that means 15 more years to go.....

I pray someday your farts too bring pause. Fren 🐸

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Hundreds of thousands of sealed indictments tell me that something deeper than token heads rolling is going on.

However, never trust a fart.

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Short true story..... Mom passed early August in 22. Complications due to other medical issues. Dad, on dialysis 6 years, 3 times a week. After Mom passed Dad goes downhill. Ends up in rehab, decides life no good without Mom and stops dialysis, enters hospice program. First Day Hospice suddenly COVID Positive. Dad dies within a week of stopping dialysis.

Cause of Death? Just guess......

Extra Point: I got pissed when I saw cause of Death on Death Cert. I brought to the attention of the Nurse when we went to pick up His effects.... What did nurse say? Oh your lucky, now you qualify for $9,800 from the government for the funeral because COVID. Yeah, Go fuck yourself.

It was all lies.

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Then there's ParaQUAT. People suffering with neurological issues like Parkinson's could have been exposed to it if they live close to Farm that used it and of course if they worked on a farm and used it.

It should NOT BE ENOUGH to say OOPS and pay a fine, period!!

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Ummm Here's an angle I haven't seen yet but I know it's coming..... In 2016 while everyone was celebrating their glorious Win when DJT won the Presidency, how is it that States that had a Republican Governor, that voted enmasse for DJT, would vote In a Republican President BUT also Vote heavily for a Democratic Governor?

It does not make logical sense. I'm not talking Liberal Logic, I'm talking reality. Everyone was just so damn happy that Trump won that they didn't pay attention when their governor was suddenly a Democrat. Hmmm.....


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Anyone else notice a trend happening? The trend I see is allot of these wealthy, as in rich with money, these wealthy celebrities as well as government people that end up in front of a camera and prove to the world their actually pretty fucking stupid people? The words they use, the broken logic trains they try to create, ultimately they out themselves as criminals by saying things, which at the time, they think sound normal and intelligent?

Paraphrasing here...... Oh Cash in my home? I always have some. Sometimes it's only $500 but sometimes it's $30k. Like when I ran my campaign and I had an influx of contributions, I would save some cash at home.

Like yeah, campaign finance laws don't apply to a dindunuffin. I guess when your immersed in a world of criminal actions at some point those actions become so normal to you, AND YOUR FRIENDS, that you talk about it as if it's normal.

DJT is right again, as always..... These People Are Stupid!!!!

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What most don't realize is the huge rise in the gender confusion over the years is due to Vaccinations. As the tipping point started to come and people would have started looking into it from a physiological stand point, the powers that be already had a campaign of psychological manipulation in our schools and popular media to turn it into what it is today. If you talk logic to it all you get is crazy in return.

God Save Us

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That's exactly what I'm suggesting. You see they keep telling us these poor migraines (funny typo I'll keep it) are just trying to get away from oppressive regimes, to have a better life. Well what's happening in Canada is oppressive and I'd say they qualify for the free entry, free monthly payments, free housing and free healthcare. Am I wrong?

Nobody said this "immigration" is only for those in Mexico, South America, Sudan, Afghanistan, China. I'd personally welcome every single Canadian with open arms.

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Ivermectin is terrible. I feel so bad for all the worms in my poop. They were so happy and warm, that shit kills them!! Save the worms!!


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As a teacher in Canada riddle me this......

Student A and B are vaccinated. Student C is not. If Student A and B are "protected" then why the fuck do they care about student C? Who are they going to infect?

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In Canada? The country in which if you need a life saving operation they talk about the suicide option as well as the 9 month waiting list for medical care? What Rights? Every "Right" in Canada is attached to a permit.

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If George's parents got him the vaccine and Fred's parents denied it, how is Fred a danger to a vaccinated George if the Vaccine supposedly works? In a sane world saying no is all that is required. There is nobody on the planet that has domain over another, no man, no institution, no government. Bodily autonomy is a human right. Society has been vaccinated into the retard realm.

How do people go a lifetime, a healthy lifetime without vaccines? 🤔

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Hey, for everyone discussing "other" vaccines..... I'm guessing You think that those "vaccines" are the "good vaccines"?

There's NOTHING to stop them from putting liquid death in a syringe and calling it healthy juice. And no I'm not talking about SATANS water.

Any SHOT at this point is suspect. Any blood transfusion is a death sentence. Don't be so Naive. Vaccines are unnecessary. Talk to the Amish and hear their heartbreaking stories of their children dying on typhoid, dyptheria, measles, Pox, meningitis, polio, rabies..... Oh wait, no don't do that bad idea, you might learn the truth.

The idea that God's creation requires the input of Man in order to make it better is absurd. I'm not talking about breeding fruits, I'm talking about injecting children with aluminum and mRNA for no damn reason except for an agenda and$$. Those requiring the vaccines are welcome to take them. In their own broken logic then they are protected, right? So how the fuck is little Johnny a threat to a vaccinated Suzy? Only one..... When Johnny grows up smart and strong and Suzy is still counting on her fingers on highschool graduation Day.


David Vaccinated Steven Vaccinated Johnny Not Vaccinated.

Johnny is a danger to David and Steven..... WHY??? 🤔

Maybe it's too late for logic in a world in pea soup brains. Most on here removed of course, this argument has got to be the most asinine and illogical mind melter in the history of mankind.

My neighbor has to wear a diaper 24 hours a day just in case I shit my pants. Work that one out.

Until Next Time.......

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In a just society yes. Gotta clean things up first. Used to be the United States would protect the people of other countries that were being abused. Nuremberg used to represent something. I smell a huge social collapse coming before this shit gets corrected.

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