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The Federalist reported Jeffreys “has a history of trouble with election law.”

There's no excuse. They knew what they were doing

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The Michigan AG is already foaming at the mouth. She made a video of her acting tough and never once addressed the elephant in the room.

Instead, she referred to the deceased as a "victim of domestic violence".

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Taiwan is China. Let me explain.

Taiwan is where the Elites of China went after the Communist purge. They still control China from their ivory towers. (Exploit it is a better term, I suppose.)

Communism is an arm of the Cabal. The theater of it all is the blustering China does about attacking it. When they're flying over, you don't see the Elites panic or go underground for protection.

In short, Taiwan pulls the strings to China. The whole mainland is a puppet to them.

This is why Trump had dinner in the Forbidden Temple. So as to discuss how to free the mainland from those in Taiwan without eavesdropping.

He freed NK from their Cabal handlers. China will be too.

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There was also a raid on a terrorist cell. An ISIS aligned group of guys.

Check this! The Russians reported that the explosions heard did not kill them. The smoke from the canisters did.

They suffocated them! Hahahaha

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Exactly! Thank you for speaking out. It probably got you a strike, or put you in a reply ban. But the mods on here have become the very people this site warns us about.

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Perhaps. But the reasoning presented to me had to do with the post and not my history. Then came the ridicule and the power trip.

Mods have a lot of information on hand. But do they know how to be humble enough to correct their own mistakes when presented with a reasonable answer?

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They're too quick to the draw. Just recently as a matter of fact.

I asked a question about Trump and was accused of all sorts of things for it and my account couldn't reply to gain more knowledge from my question.

The mods are not that great if they do not allow conversation to occur.

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Good ol' Laura Loomer has been quick to push it out there. Right as the Roger Stone, her buddy, post by DJT on Truth

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There was a post going around right after this explaining how the court case was simply a stunt. That there was no true way to enforce it.

It predicted that it would fall shortly. Turns out they were right!

Anyone have a link

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Around the :17 second mark he does a "heh". It's reminiscent of black preachers. He's been watching them to learn how to pump up a crowd. Listen to the crowd.

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What are the lake's names? Maybe there is other connections to their name and his laptop or emails

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That's the part that gets me! Why keep burrowing down when the truth is there? Bite the bullet already

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QPost.online let's you search by page number

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Think maybe they're following it in order to bring down the house of cards?

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