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Unfortunate decisions made on a rough night fueled by Old E, Boone's and Black and Milds.

This nappy-headed ho is ours. (RIP Don Imus ✊)

The Texas delegation would like to formally apologize for this abomination.

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My comment was in agreement with Madrashro.

I'll admit my poking fun of the failure to research and ignorance displayed by those who commented prior to Madrashro was veiled in sarcasm.

Sarcasm is not always apparent so I will do better to make it a bit more obvious in the future for those who may not catch it at first glance.

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😃 them darn facts always get in the way.

I think you meant to say:

But neither of (<-----remove) (All caps----->) them are immigrants?(<-----exclaim)

Not very helpful version:

THEM ARE IMMIGRANTS! (Spits chew tobacco)

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What if arrested with them furry hand cuffs?

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Very well put.

Thank you for your perspective.

We can all use a little calibration from time to time and your response helped to that end.

Focusing on evil and it's true nature should be the focus and not on God's creations. While evil may use God's creations as the weapon, God's creations are not, in it of themselves, evil.

The end result may very well be that God's creation refuses to expell evil from within, and as such may have to be dealt with accordingly, it should not deter us from focusing on the root of evil.

Thanks once again.

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Speaking as a hispanic. Free speech regardless of the perceived offense.

But what's got me weirded out is the level of protection that gets activated at the smallest hint of people calling things out. No one enjoys that kind of protection. Not not even BLM. Because the moment a BLM member leaves the reservation the entire system seeks and destroys that individual.

Not the Jewish community. Nope. When it comes to them the entire system activates in their defense. Even in clear cases of crimes or ritual circumcision. Radio commercials start playing about "anitsemitism". YTube hits you with commercials.

It's fucking creepy.

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There are city's out there serving up the "yea it's ok to suck baby penis just be careful not to give them a disease" advice.

Beyond fucking weird.


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I know everyone is thinking EV. But would this amount of lithium be enough to treat every lefty in the US for their mental illness?

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Now he moves to the next phase of his studies. A study that will bring light to the true racism and depths of depravity a system can create. A system that was birthed under the banner of white bed sheets. A system that can only be created by true racists that to this day subjugates blacks and other minorities in the modern day plantation. A system worse than that of slavery. One that subjugates with the willing participation of a brainwashed people.

Yes! Ladies and gentlemen. I speak of one birthed from the ashes of a defeated political party at the turn of a century. I speak of course of the southern Democratic party and its cleaverly devised enforcement arm draped in soiled bed sheets bearing the name 'The Ku Klux Klan'!

This brave and undeterred bastion of humanity now ventures into the study of the real systemic modern day plantation we, on our side, detest.

Yes! I speak of the systemic modern day unemployment rolls, government welfare programs and entitlement. A system that impoverishes generations and churns out a guaranteed Democratic vote.

Let us bid this man luck and prosperity? In his ventures and sacrifice as he studies the depths of suffering this man has helped create.

Hip! Hip! Hooray!

Hip! Hip! Hooray!

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Fired for being black no doubt! This man is so good at his job that even on exit he proves that systemic racism is still rearing it's ugly head.

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Yea I tend to agree. Appears to be power lines arcing. The blue color is as a result of the high current short happening.

The secondary flare ups and fires may be a combination of transformers failing and the weakened power line severing itself under its own weight. Likely resulting in ground fires after molten hot power lines come in contact with the ground etc.

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Proverbs 16:5

"Everyone who is arrogant in heart is an abomination to the LORD; be assured, he will not go unpunished"

I'll allow the Word to speak for itself just as I have throughout our entire conversation. I have quoted Scripture many times throughout. You haven't quoted it once.

Once again you show your arrogance by belittling the knowledge one may or may not posess of Scripture. Either you submit to the Lord or you reject the Lord.

Romans 1:20-22

20 For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.

21 For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22 Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools.

Ones depth of Scripture is not a requisite for salvation. Yet you seem to imply that somehow depth of Scripture or lack thereof disqualify I or anyone from entering the kingdom of heaven and you further seem to also imply that I am evil or intending to lie or decieve because what? I am working on Satan's behalf? Directly quoting Scripture is attempting to deceive you now?

My response to you was much more than simply calling you arrogant. I showed you. That was not a throw away term I used. Yet your response was to further entrench yourself by not providing any Scripture to convince me that I am wrong or intentionally lying.

Then you invoke DJT and inject him into the conversation. A man just like you and I. You inject a man into a converaation about God. As if evil working against Trump is somehow any different than evil working against you or I. As if invoking DJT is going to somehow open my eyes to evil. Because what?....I wasn't able to identify evil until you said "DJT"?

Before the eyes of God we are ALL sinners. Even DJT.

I hope your not placing DJT on a pedestal.

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Your answering questions not asked.

Also glad you appear to pull back on your contradiction with regard to Mary being "dead" and now in the "same state as my great great great granny".

To which I responded: "In eternal glory with the Lord".

To which you responded: "Amen"

I'll assume you don't believe the Lord is "dead" and since NOT "dead" and if Mary is in eternal glory with Him I suspect she can not spend eternal glory with the Lord while "dead". By pure logic she would have to be living and if living in eternal glory with the Lord she is alive.

We've made some progress since your original claim that Mary is "dead" to now conceding she is indeed living eternal life in the glory of God.

As you said "The Era of kiddie religious games are over."

In the spirit of ridding ourselves of "kiddie religious games" I will not allow you to casually move forward without addressing your previous errors while claiming to bring to light errors of others.

While also failing to understand the difference between your own inherent inability to escape your human sin then presume to speak the Word of God, perfectly, from your own sinful and flawed vessel.

The Word, our creator, is perfect. The spoken Word of God leaving the lips of a human is perfect. Not you. Not I. Not anyone this side of heaven.

One shouldn't confuse God speaking through us with perfection and us claiming to "say what Jesus says" with perfection.

This is where humility is important.

YOU are SAYING what Jesus said. Yes.

"I haven't spoken of myself at all"

Right. You haven't. You have spoken through yourself however. A sinful human who falls short before the glory of God just as the rest of us do. And knowing you have spoken from an imperfect vessel you should, in my opinion, understand the humilty one has to have to speak perfect words.

I also recognize my own imperfection and pray for humility so that I may arrive at a closer interpretation of perfect words when speaking to others.

A clear delineation between perfect words spoken and an imperfect human speaking said words to your audience must either be understood conveyed through a speakers obvious humility or outright made aparent to your audience. You have done neither.

Instead your arrogance has brought attention to itself when the focus should have been on the word.

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Also noticed you failed to address your contradictions with Scripture.

I'll take your inability to address as stubborn pride.

James 4:10 “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.”

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Glad you have broadened your criticisms to include Catholics and Christians alike.

I guess if any value came from this conversation it is that it convinced you to be consistent.

Logic is potent is it not? One could expect it to be since logics inception was from an omnipotent being.

Glad you finally submitted to His teachings.

Now lets work on casting that stone 1baldeagle.

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But for the airlines to claim they are simply complying as a result of a mandate is a cowards act. They have plenty of power/money and many lobyist that have used their weight for their gains in the past.

Holding private company's to account for their capitulation is, in my opinion, their cost of doing business. They should be fighting for their fundamental rights just as we are. If they should fail to do so then they should cease to exist. They have a duty to their employees and should be held to account by their customers should they simply comply.

If we have a fundamental right to exist and fight for said right then a private organization, run by private citizens, should also fight for their right to exist. Should their existence be contingent on their employees freedoms then their obligation should be to that end also. Or cease to exist.

Simply complying is, by extension, their willingness to become a participating arm of the governmental structure that is also violating The Peoples rights to be free if said freedom should also include the right to prosperity since 'prosperity' is a component of sustenance gotten at the expense of relinquishing hard work in return for a paycheck.

The People, you and I, are fully aware that ensuring said right may include a temporary suspension, at our own will and choosing, of luxuries like flying on an airline. If The People accept these terms then let the airlines or any other private organization pay the price for participating in a whole of government and private sector attempt to subvert our God given freedoms.

So be it. Let them fall.

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