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Great theory but hope it doesn't come to that!

One of the biggest open questions for me is when or if the normies will ever be able to grasp what Q is? Will this incredible, historic operation really be permanently shrouded from the minds of 95% of the population simply because the "experts" never acknowledge it? Is it really that trivial to hide a fact?!?!

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The timing of the Google explosion with respect to the raid makes it highly probable that it was a response. No clue what side performed it though, or how effectively data could be wiped from a Google data center. Seems they'd likely have data geo-distributed.

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Are they too lazy to read the Q posts? 😂

In all seriousness, it does feel like whatever agency the cabal has left is being spent trying to find out what the plan is. My gut feeling is the plan is adaptive and has already accounted for their possible moves. Just feels like a slow moving chess game wrap up in movie form.

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Beautiful, esp 4/10/20 = DJT! What is the significance of the (18) in parens though? Just noting 2018?

Ok my own dumb little contribution is that "POTUS is safe" reads just like "Potus' safe"; possessive. And the first thing that came to mind when Eric Trump mentioning the empty safe was:


You don't mention the safe unless it's gonna be used in a future scene. 😂

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My feeling is today we saw the results of the latest white hat chess piece move (GME spiked and halted twice this morning, brokers are failing to account for the splividend shares) and cabal responds w/this.

Notice the Google outage at the same time this evening? Fauci throwing out the first pitch tomorrow for the third time?

Move. Move. Countermove.

So much shit going down. It's incredible. Agree with your analysis that this was expected and not to worry. It feels like the cabal still possesses some level of agency but it's always completely ineffectual. Like they are trying to find out what the white hats are doing but every attempt just flops and reveals more of their corruption.

I think it's just like the Jones case. An almost completely staged event. You can see that this and upcoming action will erode faith in the FBI and IRS by middle-of-the-road types. We need that exposure and distrust in order to have public support to make arrests and prosecute and wind down those organizations.

Also FBI does this raid and just gets a bunch of evidence on record. White hats always setup these evidence honey pots.

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Let me tell you I look at the FINRA sanctions schedule and it reads like a menu.


"Failure to Comply With Rule Requirements" "Fine of $1,000 to $77,000. "

Um, I'll take a million of those..

"Recordkeeping Violations" "Fine of $1,000 to $16,000. "

Only need one of those every year and I'm sure the IRS lets them expense it!

"Forgery, Unauthorized Use of Signatures or Falsification of Records" "fine of $5,000 to $11,000"

Well shit a little forgery is one way to get those shares..

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So I have my relatively easy to DRS stuff DRS'd, and my not so easy to DRS stuff sitting in brokerages. I figured it's time to pull out the agreements and start reading them with a malicious mindset, because that's obviously what our government and the cabal will soon be doing.


Read altruistically, the above verbiage obviously seems related to expenses and obligations the account older might incur through leveraged investment. But a malicious reading from a compromised court could read that as allowing the brokerage to loot the account for any "obligation owed us with respect to the account". Would shares the DTC failed to deliver Schwab fit that? Does it matter? Just steal the shares now and let the courts settle it years later.

Another possible plan of action emerges in section 12. Termination.

"We may, in our sole discretion, close your Account and distribute the assets to you, or terminate any or all services rendered under the Account Agreement anytime and for any reason."

Um, wow, that is pretty clear cut. If all this GME stuff just becomes too much of a hassle for the brokerages, what's to prevent them from just selling our shares to Citadel at a fixed price off exchange and nuking the accounts?

The section on "Non-Publicly Traded Securities" is also pretty interesting. What if GME becomes too volatile to trade publicly? Does that afford the DTC and brokers some new options?

Btw big stretch but something to tie this back into Q. Maybe 11.3 references some of the FINRA proceedings? What sort of "risk events" would FINRA have to work through if GME spikes?


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I did a few spot checks:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cARkACFmYIk Oct 10, 2019: 43:13, my fellow Americans

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzP_L43G5dA Jun 25, 2018, "Americans" numerous times

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqGIAKrCABQ June 18, 2019, "Americans" numerous times

https://www.rsbnetwork.com/video/president-donald-j-trump-live-from-prescott-az-july-16th-2022/ July 16, 2022, "American patriots", "America first", "American history", "law-abiding Americans", EDIT: ok finally at 1:40:00: "MY FELLOW CITIZENS"

It's absolutely killer to not have Youtube transcripts. Fucking censorship.

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Indonesia looks good. Wasn't aware they used it. Lots of negative articles about it. 😂

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Part of the improved voting system needs to have three levels of validation:

  1. Public validation of who voted at what time, along with address. On a blockchain.

  2. Personal validation of each vote. The digital equivalent of your half of a tally stick.

  3. Internal secretary of state validation. (the only validation we have now)

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There were some similarities to that in the training I received in my state:

  1. Ignore inconsistencies (mismatched district codes, equipment labels, etc.)

  2. Ignore error and warning messages

  3. Just keep pushing "OK" till things work.

Everyone is just interested in getting out early and going home. Pathetic. This is a red state btw.

We need good people to work the polls who care about the outcome being correct and the rules being followed.

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Beijing Institute of Genomics?

BIG was first to sequence SARS in 2003.

Btw fucking amazing delta that needs a sticky!!

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Another possible angle: are there any legal ramifications to her being out of the country? She is Speaker of the House. Does it change things like Presidential succession if she is not on US soil? Does it affect any legislative action?

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I hope a year from now all my brokerage accounts are shutdown and all my stocks are managed on GMERICA.

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The hedge funds that are classified as market makers are the primary sources of the fraud, though I bet DTCC is involved also.

Fidelity/E-Trade/et al. are involved in the fraud in two ways:

  1. They are participants in a RICO scheme to steal our shares by lending them out for massive profit to the market makers, knowing that when MOASS hits they won't get those shares back.

  2. They are participants in a RICO scheme to suppress GME's price by sending all buy orders to the dark pools (Shitadel and Vertu) and all sell orders to the lit exchange. A second part of this scheme is brokers colluding to keep trade activity off IEX.

The worst possible outcome for Fidelity/E-Trade/Vanguard/Schwab apes is the IOU scene from Dumb and Dumber. I hope those apes are made whole but there's just no telling how it will go down.

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See the "How to Buy & DRS" here:


Basically you go to computershare.com, setup your checking account and buy shares directly there. Alternatively you can call your broker (e.g. Fidelity or Schwab) and tell them to move your shares to computershare.

Computershare is the agent of record for GME and many other companies. It essentially means they manage GMEs shares, send out paperwork, perform corporate actions (splits, merges, etc.). Having your shares registered with the agent of record gives you direct ownership rather than indirect ownership through your broker and DTCC (two middlemen who engage in accounting fraud).

I highly advise everyone to buy a few shares and perform the registration process. It is as valuable a financial learning experience as buying gold or crypto.

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