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I've noticed that too. Found it very odd as I had always got the impression someone in Trump's circle ran it.

Perhaps they're just a highly skilled shitposter who'd like to make some cash?

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Sure, I'll attempt to explain by citing Q posts that imply what the cabal is capable of.



Why is MS13 a priority? Could people pay such gangs to kill opponents and why / how to insulate against exposure?




Ritual sacrifice:


Children are being kidnapped, tortured, raped, and sacrificed in the name of PURE EVIL.



Lots of good people have been killed for not playing along. Everything is at stake when you hold something important that the cabal wants. Does that make sense? Many good patriots have been killed for doing the right thing.


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Again, good people were forced into bed with this evil under personal and family threats. Could you live with yourself helping to cover up such evil despicable acts if given a safe way out?

Hopefully Jack and many others made it out


Important to realize that no single person fixes this. It's a collective realization. We aren't waiting on the white hats--they are waiting on us.

I suspect the pressure on Dorsey was something few of us could begin to comprehend.

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Plotinus ideas have been weaponized since. to eventually logically structure governments to turn against the populations that were asleep and elected predators using this ancient code of accusing others of what you are doing with your body, to trick trusting minds into USING THAT 'LANGUAGE' AT ALL, thereby immediately ceding all to a submission to the authors of this weaponization of information.

The speeches of some members of the House at an impeachment hearing…displaying laptops to cameras to DISTRACT…then say 'THE OTHER SIDE IS DISTRACING'.. THEN PROCEED TO SPEAK DISTRACTIONS AWAY FROM IMPEACHMENT PROCESS, DELIBERATION, EVICENCE ASSIMILATION, to one or another 'muh'…that was Plotinian logic…of inconsiatency (when it's known it's lies)

The whole Plotonian temple can fall the more the world sees when the 'loudest' accusations patterns we see of people by race, class, nation, contains its own guilty bodily behavior truth of full source code possessing yet withholding exculpatory information to 'frame' or 'paint' or 'name' as one side of that projection dialectic, after which the accused must 'disprove' the accuser to the accuser's satisfaction…a demand from an inconsistent system to trust it as a source of consistently assimilated and non deleted source code intelligence.

Anyone read any of it? I'm gonna check it out. Though I have a bad habit of not getting around to all the books I order.


A lot of people are being made aware of projection. Look at how frequently Hillary cites Trump as projecting her original projection. The argument is now moving from whether projection exists, to who is doing it?




If people can be programmed using projection, there must be a way to deprogram them from it, or improve their defences to it.

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Totally valid theory.

I think as OP indicates, it's not necessarily set in stone, but is one potential option depending on how the cabal plays the remainder of its hand.

What I like about this storyline is it sets good foundation for passing legislation to remove the concept of political parties from our election process. The parties will have little credibility or goodwill left after pulling that stunt.

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I'm unable to get very worked up about this. In the context of military assistance $300 million is nothing. In the context of the US budget it's not even a rounding error. In the context of the $113 billion we've wasted so far it's nothing.


I don't know exactly what is going on here, but I don't think it's about money.

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Thx fren. I treasure the time spent with you and other anons as we dissect this massive puzzle.

Regarding the bowling analogy, it was just my own way of expressing that comms could probably be quite sloppy and still be highly effective as long as the ball got to the end of the lane and hit a few pins. Didn't realize it tied into bowling shoes or anything else!

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I dug through some of Trump's other trips this year and the specific pattern I suspected didn't match..

And really, who cares who Q is? Not sure that it matters other than for the fun of knowing.

Agree that it has to be a team involved. But maybe a good amount of imprecision is allowed for? Like a bowling lane with bumpers? We know that Q team adapts their messaging based on whether anons are absorbing certain clues (I don't have the drop handy but I think Q quotes an anon who summarizes that).

Maybe Scavino gets a general topic or message to communicate and drops things until he finds a pattern that anons pick up on?

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Great point fren. All these unusual events are definitely building up our procedural awareness. Even in NPC forums I see that sort of activity and discussion.

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I think you have a misread here fren. She voted in the morning and died in the evening.

Her last vote might have something interesting in it though.

Actually that bill has something awesome in it. Prohibits FAA from requiring masks or vaccines.

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Does Scavino normally post these?




Here is Trump's truth that he is heading to Michigan


If he doesn't post one that he is heading to CA, wouldn't that pretty much confirm Scavino is Q??

Edit: Also that IDEN screams [B]IDEN...

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It would specifically be a 4chan/8kun post id, which would be relative to whatever thread Q posted in at the time.

The Q drop numbers increment by 1 and are treated independently of the 4chan/8kun post ids.

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What's hilarious is we could all have been date fagging on Feinstein's death given her age but no one was.

So yeah, I see no harm in date fagging a bit about the EAS test.


Also check out #2318


With 49 Republicans, 3 independents, and Kamala being one ours, does that give us 53??

Btw, were there any proofs on #2309 with respect to Trump "heading to X"?? X formerly being Twitter?

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The >> syntax means reference to an earlier post, in this case 300.

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There's some good timestamp and post id analysis potential here. The difference between then and now is 60 months, two days.

That's 300 working days. (Edit: no it's not, ignore my sloppy counting !!! 🤣🤣)

Look at the post id: 300

Also look a couple of drops prior that has a Tweet with photos of both Kamala and Feinstein.




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Fren you win the Internet, for this morning and maybe all of today. 🤣🤣

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If he tokens Kamala into this role I won't be able to take it. They wouldn't script something that blatant, would they?!?


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I think the No Name Institute probably deserves a little attention.


It was hilarious to see Biden call out to the Governor of AZ when she's not even in the audience. The whole event is very weird.

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That's a scary good observation.

It's really the only explanation that makes any sense as far as that policy goes. They want the immigrants alive (for now?) and the citizens dead.

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Definitely some compelling potential 10/2 activity there.

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