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That was...painful. Like some sort of really bad AI output that has no hope of being corrected...

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I don't think anyone is claiming to know but the way Trump said it really stood out and so it makes sense to check the drops (even though it was a metadata hit on the photo keywords) and discuss.

"I like those teeth...I wanna find out where you did...I gotta get my teeth like that...I want that to happen to me."

There were a lot of themes of love at this event too (I don't have the timestamp but Trump lead with it in the earlier part of the speech when recounting a conversation with his event planners and him asking "Do they like more or hate me? -- They love you." kind of thing.

With love comes trust. Schedule changes can be very painful.

I read this as once you know that Trump loves this country and us you can come to trust him despite the media barrage, which is what the Bronx experienced a bit yesterday. Schedule changes refers to "the pause" and the Biden admin, which are painful but IMO very obviously white-hat controlled.


Sleepydude has teeth/fangs as:

Fang = Predator / Can Hunt - The ability to fight others outside of just defensive capabilities. Preying on other animals indicates one’s ability to use others to further your own goals. Fangs, further, also indicate action and the ability to act with initiative and make decisions on your own as an independent actor.

So Trump could be saying he wants to be let loose to hunt, or perhaps in the context of bling/grills, he wants to pursue the inner city black vote that he sees as attainable for him. Q has frequently mentioned black vote control as being critical to Democratic success.

The other story that I think is worth discussing from his speech is the story of the Levittowns.

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Wonder why he brought up the Levittown story?


Feels like that'll be analyzed in the coming days.

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Yeah the Tora Jews are pretty awesome. Can't tell if they've always been a thing but if they are I wasn't aware of it.

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Can't comment on the validity of what she read, but can absolutely say that high grade plausible deniability would be created if say, any one of vaccines, masking, testing, 5G weren't harmful. But somehow all of them together collectively created some serious problems..

I initially thought she was going to suggest the tests somehow affected the blood brain barrier..

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He's moving us back to the constitutional position, which is the states can have differing laws until a national consensus emerges.

Once the real motivations of the abortion industry are revealed to the general public, I suspect a move will be made.

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Great point w/respect to Maricopa & similar.

I'd seriously consider an early vote as long as there are no party markings on the envelope that would make it easily discardable...

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Hmm I am loving that tie in to 40k ft and Dow 40k.

After digging on ICC a bit this morning I can't help but wonder if some of these "equal justice" themes relate to it.


Trump signed Executive Order 13928 of June 11, 2020

Biden revoked the friggin thing on April Fools Day, 2021


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A great question that demands I consider the situation in more detail.

Firstly, although we are not a party to the ICC, Afghanistan & Palestine are. So if they choose to defer to this global body, is that not their national choice? And if the ICC has demonstrated the gumption to go after citizens of the world's most powerful countries on your behalf, for (alleged) crimes within your nation, is that not a justifiable choice?

Prompted me to review the EO where Trump pulled us out of it:


And ok, this is interesting, our current "President" decides not to fully rejoin the court, but to lift the sanctions that Trump had over it?


So I don't know about you, but I tend to believe Biden is the POTATUS of Trump, and that the politically impossible choices Trump needed to make get done under Biden.

So although Trump recognizes we can't be a part of the court (having the strongest military--why would we need to?), he seems to believe there are some competent people working there. And the alleged criminals they pursue seem to have a very nice overlap with cabal members.

Another fun fact, Ukraine seems to have teed up their use...

Ukraine, a non-ratifying signatory, has accepted the Court's jurisdiction for a period starting in 2013

What if Biden's recision of Trump's sanctions on ICC resolve with his corrupt family being investigated and tried?

Also worth reviewing is how the court reacted after Trump's EO.



“I believe that the future of the court depends on its willingness to prosecute the ‘hard cases’ involving powerful countries like the United States, Israel, Russia and the United Kingdom,” William Schabas, international criminal law professor at Leiden University, told AFP.

“For too long its work has been directed at developing countries and pariah states. Delivering equal justice for all means that it can tackle the strong as well as the weak.”

Maybe during that time the court was transforming from a system used to bully small countries into a system that allowed small countries to unite & defend themselves from larger powers?

My followup question for you: would that be a bad thing?

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It'll be interesting. We've got some "names" in our movement now. A bit odd that not more funds seem willing to buy a few million worth.

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That has to be an unimaginably satisfying day of police work.

We as the public need to do everything possible to make sure police resources are prioritized for this.

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Ok this is kinda fascinating as it fleshes out the Cochrane analyses. I was surprised that they were reported on so respectfully in the media.


It looks like pre-pandemic they were able to infiltrate Cochrane and kick Gotzsche out.

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Meh, up to a point. When it reaches the point that they're no longer helpful it's a whole new ballgame.

There have been hints that there's a plan in place. I wouldn't lose too much sleep over it. If we have the gold the monetary system can be migrated.


What is really going to blow people away is simply keeping more of their earnings. Without inflation, taxation, obamacare, insurance, war, etc,. we'll all see around an instant 50% gain in income.

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I think you're a bit ahead of the curve here fren. Most of us are still absorbing the basic facts of the situation and you've already got some good research assembled.

by OSS_1
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I like this one better.

I see the "hard landing" term being used a lot.


by OSS_1
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I see the fives but otherwise no get it.

From what I'm reading here, the helicopter is actually lost?? So no one even knows if it actually crashed?


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