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Not supported. They became Nazis.

And we know exactly which ones have that in them.

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Hey fren this proof is even better than you're aware because I'm seeing discrepancies on the timestamps across various sites. Check this out:

https://qanon.pub/#3235 7:52:37 EST

https://anontools.xyz/?d=3235 7:52:37 EST (our data source is copied from other Q sites but I honestly can't remember which one we ended up using...)

https://qposts.online/?q=3235&s=postnum 7:52:37 CDT, so 8:52:37 EST

Now the archive when you browse it apparently shows the following day but I think this has to do with how the baker is performing the snapshots. I think they are snapping in UTC which is five hours ahead. You can see this in the "article:published_time" meta element if you inspect the source.


So I think based on the archive 00:52:37 - five hours would be 7:52:37 EST so I think that is the correct result, which adds a ten minute countdown to your proof. ;)

Anyone volunteer to check my work?

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Agreed. We need to stay frosty. Too many people see something that gives them a good feels and updoot it.

We need to prioritize quality instead of feels when we updoot.

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As near as I can tell from archive.org it's the exact same article as the last update. Word for word. Could be a site glitch or maybe Solomon is trying to drop us a hint.

FWIW: He did also post it on his Twitter account so there would seem to be some level of intent behind it...


Here's the filing referenced:


I even went to archive.org and downloaded an old copy of the file and ran a checksum and they're the same.

c0dc8ceb1222a259e03d0a2522fb04a8 04519147331 (1).pdf c0dc8ceb1222a259e03d0a2522fb04a8 04519147331.pdf

I looked in the filing for any references to March and found none.

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Yeah why is this pinned? Sussman was acquitted of lying to the FBI about this. That's not to say he didn't lie, but the fact is he was acquitted.

What is the new info?

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Was reading the monarch programming one and hit this and found it was relevant.

"However, if an alter gets trapped behind mirrors, the alter should not break the mirrors. If the alter is a Christian they can use the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth to bind and cast out the demons which are in the mirrors. The danger of the mirrors is the demonology involved. Some things work and some things don’t. We are speaking from our years of experience. The mirrors are deadly and they were everywhere in our System, but they are deadly only if one can’t deal with the demonology. "

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It wouldn't surprise me if the reason Fauci can state this so confidently is because it's 100% true.

Let's look at the facts:

We know Fauci and others were messing around with gain of function research in Wuhan and any other place they could get away with it.

We know that white hats likely have some involvement with Omicron because Gates characterized it as a vaccine and all the bad actors hate Omicron when it should be regarded as a blessing.

We know there are a variety of Q posts related to "corona" so it's quite possible many aspects of this virus are part of a battle between white hats and the cabal.

Given COVIDs surprisingly harmless profile overall, and the apparent fact that people only seemed to die from it due to malicious medical practice, makes me wonder if perhaps even the original was somehow white hat controlled or influenced at the wet market. Maybe they caused it to be released early at the market somehow, with a known cure in their pocket, and the cabal response to that is where the true evil took place?

Regardless, I think we can all agree that the narrative level the press is discussing this on is many deviations away from reality...

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She also seems to confirm the vitamin quality suspicions some anons have. There was a fren on here awhile back who posted a link to a group who buys and reviews the brands for quality.

May make sense to get a subscription and clear the vitamin cabinet of bad elements...

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My out there theory is they were kidnapped by white hats to help make Omicron. I'm a sucker for happy endings though.

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Fren thank you so much for that transcript. That was a horrifying but informative rundown of the vaccine holocaust from a physicians pov. Interesting to see the role the gut is playing in this.

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Show who you really are in plain sight, but in a subtle way. If people are curious they'll ask more.

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A great point. Witness how much lunacy is in their Q "debunks" and "reveals". They are all 100% made up.

Imagine the energy we would waste trying to debunk that stuff given how amorphous the Q project is to begin with? It'd be a nightmare and Trump is protecting us from fighting that battle for the sheeples trust. A battle we know can only be won with broad institutional endorsement of Q to begin with.

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The answer is probably right here. They're not ready for it.

"The complete picture would put 99% of Americans (the World) in a hospital."


Right now we're just focused on creating the association that Trump/MAGA are good stewards of the country and Cabal/WHO/Satanists/Fed/etc. are bad.

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Because the song is subtle enough to be hidden in plain sight. Same with his re-truths. It takes too much digging for the average person to see that is Q related.

I think we'll continue to get these little nods the same way the Masons do their handshakes and flash 33 or 322 or 666. You can know you're dealing with a Q person with many phrases or symbols.

"Oh you gave me 17 cents change. That is my favorite number!"

The normies will see all this and ignore it the same way they ignore all the satanic theatrics. They'll just write it off as silliness unless the news tells them otherwise.

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I think we can take this for exactly what it is: Trump wants our Q-related discussion & promotion either performed clandestinely, or confined to certain spaces.

We're fighting a secret organization that's hidden in plain sight, and has historically defended itself by painting its opposition as "conspiracy theorist" nuts. It's frustrating but the best way to combat them is to mirror that strategy. Turn them into "blue anon" nuts who see Q everywhere.

Wear a Philip Rivers #17 jersey. "Do you know that 17 means Q?" "What the hell are you talking about, I'm just a huge Phillip Rivers fan."

Maybe we need to get used to the idea that a huge portion of the population will always be completely out of it and unable to understand the subtext or greater battle. Consider how many people you can just straight up tell what Q is and they aren't 1/1000th as interested as if you were talking about fantasy football or Netflix.

If you intend to go to some other rallies, try to be more subtle about it and see what happens. It may be that if you can hide yourself in plain sight they'll be cool with it.

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Suicides and plane crashes--what are the odds? A public lecture by Hillary Clinton Mar 31st. 1057 Rawls Hall

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"Dana J. Hyde, a well-known Beltway attorney who previously served on the 9/11 Commission..."

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Yeah strawman arguments are pretty funny. Especially when they are used to trick people into taking harmful products.

"Haha, I just used a logical fallacy to trick you into taking this and now you can't have kids!"

πŸ’‰πŸ’‰πŸ’‰ 🀣🀣🀣

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I wouldn't take the Tetanus without further research.


Hope you made it out safe. I'm probably never going into a hospital or doctors again after watching their behavior the last three years...

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I probably need to bite the bullet and put Truth on my phone...

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Looks like a hit to me. Well done!

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It wouldn't shock me if at some point they grounded all flights for ten days or so while they got a handle on what they're dealing with here. The flight maps would be dark.

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