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I was born a free American. I'll die a free American. One way or another!

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All I can say is, I took vaccines my whole life (10 yrs in the Marines) I would have allowed them to stick any injection they said I needed. I was stupid. I don't think Trump knew everything. I think he knew a lot but not everything. I know because of Trump we all know a crap ton more than we did.

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No. We knew it but numpties don't. Share & spread the word. More are waking. Some will never. Poor Bastards.

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I'm kicked off twitter again. I think forever this time. They don't like free speech there.

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Massive "sudden death syndrome" to ensue. I'm sure it's already happening just not being reported.

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I'm stacking. Lowered my average by 30%.

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Absolutely. I heard that some communities/neighborhoods have pooled their resources and set up small classrooms in the garage of a few of the homes. Until the schools are completely returned to the states (as they should be). I know of one family farm where they actually built the old style one-room school house. We need more.

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Get your kids out of public schools as soon as possible.

by panamax
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Okay, you guys convinced me. Just bought 100.

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These people are stupid...all of them. How stupid is it to walk into a restaurant wearing one, then take it off at the table. How cowardly must you be to go along with that kind of stupid? I gotta say this fake pandemic has exposed the weakest of us. I suppose that's good and bad.

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I see it as cause and affect in the extreme.

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I wonder how many on-going FBI/CIA grooming operations are in effect?

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