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To me it looks like two of those dinosaurs from "The Land Before Time" the same dinosaur https://dino.fandom.com/wiki/Parasaurolophus

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Today I was door knocking for a Trump endorsed candidate and loves the family gatherings I stumbled into who shared this sentiment. We’re done with this crap!

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Thank you so much. I’m gonna try to search again for a term I’m looking for. Trying to explain the Russian Z mark significance to him but all the best posts and pics on here are a few weeks old so when I search “Z” , or any search I’ve done in the last 5 months on here or patriots.win doesn’t even initiate the search, it just doesn’t do anything.

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Those whose dna can handle the gene therapy will produce a sterile generation.

Similar to seedless grapes made with GMO

Gene therapy makes you a walking GMO

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Wow, I just searched “frigate” because I’ve never heard of that term for a warship before…

This is what came up: UK destroyer named “Montrose”

Interesting name of a destroyer when Hunter Biden’s company name was a : “ Rosemont Seneca”

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I live in Port Huron and his giant semi truck was parked near our blue water bridge I was so stoked!! I never could find him or any RSBN guys though :( This Friday supposed to be another freedom march under the bridge so should be fun!

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omg yes this is the verse I was trying to tell another patriot at our county GoP ! Dude thank you so much for this spiritual encouragement!

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This guy uses Dominion, each local area in my county is done by zip code which seems very disturbing given the mail in ballot axis of Michigan elections.

What would I list in the charges?



Unbalanced Voter rolls: local vs. county ?

Seditious Treason? Citing Dominion Shareholders majority being Chinese Communist Party Operatives?

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EB5 involving illegal immigrants this has to be comms. NASA is nazi org right ? Wonder if they coordinate with Azov leaders to nazify Ukraine and give tech to their ideological buddies

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ty for sharing this! I'd love a link! I was curious about prayer gardens previously.

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The last few weeks it has been spot on brother. It's been hyping me up big time. He has been repetitive but it is spot on nonetheless and Dave does add new tidbits in between the overall unfolding arcs.

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