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I am just as puzzled, to be honest. I definitely agree with your question on who are they actually helping. But this Q post+NG activation+ all the planefagging over the weekend makes this Q post a fun one. Unfortunately, I don't have anything to add on top of that, but maybe people smarter than me will have other theories

My dreamy opinion of this is. Those are just a few of the states you want to have monitored for the reasons you mention fraud. Imagine the NG rounding up evidence.

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"Fourteen states have ongoing cyber and election security support: Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Iowa, Illinois, Louisiana, North Carolina, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington, and West Virginia."

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The TLDR. The cities only burned for 1-2 months and we're also going to add to the gaslighting by stating Antifa isn't real!

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It's definitely come across my mind only because I look at the way Q writes stuff and try to imagine if anyone has a similar way of talking. Of course, I haven't spent a lot of time thinking about this so there are likely a lot of holes that need to be filled.

The dude would likely also have some higher level of clearance due to his work with the government for satellites etc.

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i know that my coworker is scheduled for a booster in about a week so I am just wondering when im going to be taking over his workload at this point. I think he's had every available shot

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Agreed, I wonder if this will help shine a light on the technology in more detail though

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Interesting. If there’s links out there I’d love to send them to a few people I know

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as someone who’s historically been gay, between this and now monkeypox. a lot has been on my mind for many months so much so that I was invited to church from some fellow rock climbers and took them up on there offer and have attended several times. I think I have seen a lot of current events as a sign to work towards a different path. Not only that it’s challenging to find people in that community that I can agree with politically

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I think this is a good listen and I am glad he his using his platform to push this message. I found it very motivating. I like JP's stuff but this and timing of this is probably my favorite so far.

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I think we should start taking bets on the first politicians that will contract it lol. I place my money on Lindsey Graham.

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I have also considered him or Elon. So far there is mostly good things and the bad things (like trump and his support for vaccines) could be just attributed to human flaws. I think it will be become a thing of watching what people do vs what they say. Biden to most people might just assume he's inept old and harmless. While nearly every action is something a foreign nation would do to weaken their enemy.

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I guess he noticed his poll numbers slipping.

And I say this because although he is better than most governors and a some good things did happen from him like constitutional carry. He's not very quick and often does things after someone else one up's him like DeSantis.

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I actually did see a post from an aquitance that he actually did blame biden for RvW being overturned. His position was that Biden didn't do a damn thing to stop it from happening. Although his solution seems that Biden should have packed the courts etc and by not doing that he's playing for same team or some shit. So there is some liberals definitely blaming Biden for not doing enough.

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Its ok, the same people that want to have abortions. Will force this down your throat because you will be a danger to other people for not getting it. Because they think they're morals are superior to yours.

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I honestly don't think there needs any explaining. I disagree with abortion but more from a standpoint that I don't want it to be something that is marketed and prioritized and something that might need monthly quotas. On the other hand I don't mind those people not having children.

I am gay(even I think its actually kinda degenerate as fuck but I just laugh at myself here) and so I talk to lot of gay people.

I live in Texas so i have had conversation just yesterday where it was literately. "hey I am thinking about moving to the northwest as they going to come for gay's next." I just agree with them and tell them how nice Oregon or Cali is this time of year would be this time of year.

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True, especially when you put in the Russian context, I have studied a little bit of it and a lot of phrase are writing in a different order in general. For example while English you might say. There is a bear in the park. It might look more like. In park, bear. Language is so fascinating sometimes :)

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I definitely see both perspectives here's. Of course this is now getting in the area of semantics.

It might be easier to look into at the context its used.

In my opinion I look at trust, but verify more like taking a matter seriously but still being open to new information that could prove otherwise.

Like if someone is alleges sexual assault on someone else. You can take the accusation seriously while still wanting proof. Of course this is a different matter but I think there are similarities in how to process new information.

In this case I am not throwing out any of the statements made by Q I am just simply filing them away until something validates them. I like to remain open minded to all new information and opinions on it. It prevents getting too emotionally attached to a cause and saves headache long run imo.

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I get what your saying. I think we will find out in time. I have no problem being patient and having things proven as it comes. After all many Q posts are also not brought to light til years later!.

As far as what a Fake Q's motives would be, that is up in the air.

But in my mind lets say I hypothetically had access to Q's account and I wanted to play games on it.

My first goal would be to establish trust. Even if I believed Hutchinson's story I absolutely would pretend not. Any real agenda or change of direction would need to happen slowly and subtlety to avoid people catching on. If your a bad actor and your any good at it, I feel like you would put in the work to establish trust.

Not saying that's what is happening. But motives is something that very hard to really know and so I can't go off of that as a reason to trust alone. Maybe as a overall trend or on a checklist but undeniable proofs are unfortunately the only real way to verify 100%.

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Right, when people call it a cult, I laugh because most conversation's here involve deciphering information and articles and trying to piece together a bigger picture of event's. Even if Q didn't exist I still like this kind of research and find it very eye opening what can be deciphered when looking at things on a larger scale.

When you blindly trust, then what are people suppose to think when someone calls you a cult member and your response is also cult like? That's not really how you change peoples minds.

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I have been here since the election. With all the weirdness of the posting and oddities surrounding the return. I am skeptical. I don't doubt the old Q stuff at all, but I think its a good thing to be skeptical when things seem off. When proof's roll in, it feels much better to be able to debunk criticisms with logic, rather than emotion.

I want these to be real but I also don't want to be blindly trust things. So unfortunately I do have a "old Q" and "new Q" category until my mind can decide what is what.

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Same I lurk here a lot a post occasionally. Generally have no interest in stating my lifestyle here as its not something I want promoted. But since the topic had been brought up I agree this shit is absolutely nuts. I am absolutely disgusted and not happy about this because this is how you get people to start takin actions into there own hands. I voted for Trump and will continue to I’m just worried the backlash will start getting people that want none of the drag BS and Pedo BS and getting lumped in and possibly have a target on my back and I’ve definitely never fit in with the whole Pride crap

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