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Not trying to brag or anything, but I was upvote number 45 😎

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I totally missed it at first. Good eye

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Throw in that cat bobbing it’s head and I think it may make it the perfect gif

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This is my new favorite gif ??

by gamepwn
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Get some!

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You can be against the globalist plan to take over the world and NOT have thousands of people killed. In my opinion, that is a white hat. Good. Hitler still wasn’t good.

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What I hate the most is that there are so many more of us than there are of them. It saddens me that we put up with this shit.

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Can anyone explain to me what is happening? Although I would like to, I don’t know shit about the stock market.

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I think the only problem is that the “shock and awe” would be for all the wrong reasons. Instead of being shocked that all these people are corrupt and traitors, and that they’ve been lied to by the Dems and media, they would be shocked President Trump is a “tyrant” that’s locking everyone up because he’s a “dictator”.

They need to see the truth.

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Those are valid questions I don’t really have an answer to. I know the saying “loose lips sink ships” so I can see how telling anyone the plan would put it at risk. But something is definitely fucky.

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I’m a Marine. Like the other military Pede above said, the clip showing the Marines not saluting Biden was the nail in the coffin for me. There’s no way they would have done that just because. I watched the “inauguration” and that clip happened AFTER he was supposedly sworn in.

There’s just no way in hell the Marines on Presidential duty would not have saluted Biden because they didn’t like him. If he were really President then they would have saluted him like they were supposed to then maybe talked shit about him later when higher ups weren’t around. But he would’ve still got the salute.

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It may be a stretch but it makes sense.

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I thought I could make it all the way through. Then I opened it up and the first one I read was “Dumbo” and busted out laughing. Man I miss President Trump.

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I served under Obama. After seeing what he did his first term I despised him. I got out because of that.

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I’m super bummed I had to serve in the Marines under Bush and Obama. I would’ve much rather served under Trump and been a part of taking down these fuckers. Oh well, it ain’t about me. Get some Marines!

by DrDT
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Mar Lago is known as the “Winter Whitehouse”

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