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It is stupid of them to target individual believers.

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Be aware of false prophets.

I am not a prophet.

You are not a prophet.

We are not prophets.

Focus on the mission.


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Read this post about Q#4966: https://greatawakening.win/p/17rT6e63ip/q-4966-explained/

We are ignorant because we are being suppressed. The more I read the history of the Church I increasingly believe the one world religion the Deep State is pushing is actually Christianity, in its dumbed-down, paganized form.


When all is exposed, the evil works of Pagan Emperor Constantine will be undone.

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Fulfillment of the Law, Wholeness of the Spirit, Oneness with God!

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Let me present a 6th grade exam in Hong Kong, year 1953 (The "Joint Primary 6 Examination").

  1. Describe Sparta and Athens and their differences.

  2. Describe the causes of the French Revolution.

  3. Answer these two questions: a) What regions do monsoons cover? How is the climate and rainfall? b) What are the causes of deserts?

  4. Compare the contrast the ways of farming in China and America.

  5. What are the organization and powers of the legislative and judicial branches of the Hong Kong Government?

  6. Why did the Hong Kong Government set up a Department for Chinese Affairs? What does it do?

  7. Why does the government collect taxes from citizens? Could it be done arbitrarily? Through which department? What could a citizen do when he did not agree with the government’s tax estimate?

  8. When was the United Nations established? Where is its headquarters? What could it do to achieve “world peace”?

  9. Explain with words and graphs the causes of tides.

  10. How many kinds of Vitamins are there? What are the uses of each? How much is each in our food?

  11. What are the differences between mosquitos and anopheles? How do anopheles spread malaria?

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I walked 12 km today.

2 weeks ago I walked 11.

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We don't need any supernational institutions to maintain peace.

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Are they trying to walk their way without going through the church? Because not only the church is no longer a guide to the way, it becomes an obstacle to the way. If the recent "revivals" do not deal with this issue, I doubt this would make any difference.

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The above article, which was reproduced in ZeroHedge, was an article by Mark E. Jeftovic: https://bombthrower.com/the-greatest-hoax-of-all-time/

Someone in the comments provided insights of why people choose to believe in compelling lies:

Btw., the idea that God has to be light and darkness at the same time goes back to Zoroaster, and more recently, and more pertinently, it has been revived by Ignatius of Loyola in his work The Spiritual Exercises, although only between the lines, as an implicit axiom he uses to justify his opinions, and Pope Francis keeps on making weird remarks of this sort as well, for instance that if you only worship the dievil from time to time, you're still his servant, which makes me think "Like every sunday at 10 A.M.?" Hmm, well, if you think that protestants are devil worshippers, which Loyola might have believed, it makes sense to resort to this kind of Ahura Mazda / Ahriman – dualism and this may be the reason why some think that Leo Taxil's inventions "must be true".

These are the other two articles by Jeftovic:

Part 1 - The real Albert Pike https://bombthrower.com/decoding-the-taxil-hoax-part-1/

Leo Taxil’s Jesuit education is an indication that he knows more than the average person about what is truly going on behind the scenes in the world. This may have served as a model for the hoax he ultimately created. In this report we’re going to explore what he said in detail, and ultimately coax out the identity of the god of the elites, and why they all appear to be engaged in the same depraved rituals.

[...] The real Albert Pike, who Taxil portrayed as the ringleader of the bogus group of Masons, has published a great deal of literature under his own name, the most famous being the much-maligned Morals and Dogma. The subject of Lucifer is raised only FOUR times in this 860 page book. Quite amazing for a supposed Luciferian. Pike is hardly venerating the deity, either.

Part 2 - The origin of child sacrifice https://bombthrower.com/decoding-the-taxil-hoax-part-2/

The pope's accusation that lead Taxil to come up with his hoax:

It should be remembered that Pope Leo XIII’s only complaint about Freemasons was that they were successfully advancing the idea of separation between Church and State, something enshrined in the First Amendment of the US Constitution. This Pope was, in a very real way, anti-American. He narcissistically saw anything that could diminish his control of nations around the world as ‘Satanic’ and wanted to rouse a reactionary movement against the principles of the Enlightenment that were spreading rapidly through Western society.

Throughout his analysis, he pointed the origin of child sacrifice to the Canaanites, who travelled vast lands, spreading their ways with them:

This is not even the full extent of Canaanite influence over the ancient world, a whole book would be needed for that, but there is one last thing worth mentioning. DNA studies performed on the nearly 3,000 year-old Paracas skulls of Peru reveal they came from Syria – making these Canaanites the earliest transatlantic voyagers known, nearly two millennia before the Vikings. Should it be a surprise, then, that we also find human sacrifice, cannibalism, and ritual sex in Mesoamerica?

If the government of Israel were being run by Canaanites, their incessant conflicts with Lebanon and Syria now make perfect sense. They’re trying to re-establish Canaan, not the Hebrew Kingdoms described in the Bible. This was not even being done in secret not too long ago. In 1939 a movement was founded by Palestinian Jews with the express purpose of re-creating Canaan.

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The best was yet to come, however, when he [Léo Taxil] teamed up with Dr. Karl Hacks to write the two-volume Le Diable au XIXe Siècle, published in 1892 and 1894, telling the insider tale of one Diana Vaughan in the words of Doctor Bataille. The lurid details of her account boggle the mind. She was a member of the Palladium Rite, under the command of Albert Pike, where she was involved in ritual orgies and blood sacrifices. They would summon demons in physical form, and she was even betrothed to one of them.

On the evening of April 19, 1897, Taxil held a press conference at the Hall of the Geographic Society in Paris. Many reporters, Catholic priests, Freemasons, monks, and other illustrious figures from around the world were in attendance. After raffling off a typewriter used by Diana Vaughan (the winner being M. Ali Kental, Editor of Ikdam, at Constantinople), Léo Taxil finally addresses his audience.

He reveals there is no Dr. Karl Hacks, there is no Dr. Bataille, there is no Diana Vaughan, there is no Palladium Rite.

“There wasn’t the least masonic plot in this story,” he says, and denies that his conversion to Catholicism was in earnest – all part of the prank, to win the Church’s trust and approbation. Diana Vaughan was a real person, but she was only his typist and collaborator in this colossal fraud designed to deeply embarrass the Catholic Church and become the crown jewel of his anti-clerical work. [...]

The audience erupts calumniously, with Catholics hissing and screaming, a priest mounts a chair to try and maintain order, and it becomes obvious why Taxil had the attendees check their walking sticks at the door – some would certainly have beaten him to death on the spot. [...]

With World War I kicking off in 1914, followed by the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, people were scrambling for a coherent explanation of why so much chaos was being sown around the world. In 1920 a book called The Cause of World Unrest emerged attempting to explain it all. It was an anonymous compilation of essays originally published in the London Morning Post in July of the same year.

In one of the essays we find Taxil’s magisterial hoax cited as truth, describing the chapter already mentioned above from Le Diable au XIXe Siècle about the written plan drawn up on August 15, 1871 by the fictitious Palladian Rite for global destruction.


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Today is the last day of DST.

Both America and Russia tried permanent DST in the past, and failed.

Do you support abolishing DST altogether?

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I think Bablyon is a metaphor for tyranny. See Isaiah 14.

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We know the world has been printing money. The dollar, the euro, the yen and the Renminbi. And they will all collapse some day.

What can we do with the overprinted money?

The German Monetary Reform in 1948



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