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Big Boom and this had to be this way to show the normies how corrupt both sides truly are.

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They already have found ways to introduce mutagens into our water and food supply. It is up to us to be educated as possible regarding what we put into our bodies.

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Not only devolution but the entire collapse of the DS systems put in place.

This is indeed a demolition of the old ways to make way for the new. The DS was hoping to demolish current way of life to usher in a authoritarian technocracy and where we own "nothing".

What the Patriots have done is accelerated the time table and forced the DS systems to be near their breaking point. Instead what most likely will happen is President Trump is gong to offer a better alternative path to the future that goes against the DS plans for 2030 and beyond.

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The BRICS are going all out to take out deep state assets.

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First of all graphene is known to change people's moods and if there is enough in the bio weapon jabs it can change a person's demeanor.

Second of all it is officially Fall in the northern hemisphere and it is normal to have sinuses and allergies this time of the year.

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Maria has always been a RINO and she drifts wherever the wind shifts.

You need people like Gaetz and Trump to be able to move the needle or else RINOs are put in place to build apathy toward being informed and involved with political discourse. That is the whole point of RINOS and DINOS as to create a layer of ambiguity to make it seem as "balanced politics". The truth is they are controlled opposition designed to give an illusion or kabuki theatre.

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I suspect that there is a real push to squeeze out whatever dollars they can from consumers before the bottom falls out somewhere in 2024.

I believe we have been in a recession for some time. But the economy tanking isn't what the sheeple recognize as a "recession". What is last to drop is the stock market which is when the sheeple recognize it is a "recession". But by then it is too late to prepare as the "recession" is well underway by then.

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There is always room in a budget to tighten up. One of the first things I do is to make sure that I am not overspending on non food necessities. Extreme couponing for those that have no option of increasing income is a must to counteract inflation.

A lot of times people buy food for sale and store in an extra freezer. But for many struggling that isn't option. So my advice is to buy non food necessities in bulk and load up on a year's worth. That way at that point you can focus on finding savings with food necessities.

And to really save money making a lot foods from scratch is also very important skill to have.

I hope this helps!

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Well we knew this a while back so why is this info re-surfacing now?

Hmm...interesting part of the movie.

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What people fail to realize there is a lot going on that we do not see in the public happening in the background.

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