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Does this mean that pushing gays off rooftops is back again on the menu?

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Masturbating using my fantasy alone.

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Still 1/10 the price of petrol.

Fast charging is still 1/5 of petrol here in Sweden if you have a discount membership.

Why the EV hate on this page, it makes no sense?

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This isn’t a new thing.

I bought my first mobile phone (Nokia 1610) in 1996 for 1kr (10¢). Back then an sms was between 25¢ and 5¢ depending on the receiver’s carrier.

The carriers earn their money on call-, message- and data-plans, and the profit margin is enormous.

If they can lure you in on another 24 or 36 months plan by offering you a brand new phone in exchange for the other, they’ll have their money back and some more during that period.

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Is this for real?

Looks like a tv show we have here in Sweden that’s letting people with different types of development disabilities try different things like “a day in the Army”.

I refuse to believe that the U.S. armed forces have sunk this low.

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Banks here in Sweden are down 5-10%. If you haven’t withdrawn your fiat and put them into something else outside the CB system, it’s time.

I’m 90/10 PM/Crypto

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There was no crowd, complete lockdown of DC with 25k NGs.

Reuters “fact checked” this claim, but failed to mention why nobody was saluting their new CiC.



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You were (s)elected because you’re a black woman.

You’re thrown out because you’re useless and dangerous.

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Wow. I didn’t know that you’re Patri0tsareinContr0l on Telegram.

Awesome I read your messages every day.

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Except the case isn’t asking the SCOTUS To judge if the members of Congress have been “ engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof”

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Sorry 3 ways; death will also unseat a member indirectly.

So either the voters unseat you, or the Congress itself unseat a member.

The same goes for POTUS, SCOTUS can never unseat the president.

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It’s bunk.

Brunson is asking the SCOTUS for a remedy that will go against the constitution.

There are only two legal ways to unseat an elected member of Congress, and SCOTUS is not one of them.

This case is BS because the remedy is BS.

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I just read 1Thess 5:20, but sorry Lord but this case is BS.

They’re asking the SCOTUS to unseat elected members of the two other branches..

There’s no way that the SCOTUS will rule (or even hear) the case on those premises.

Imagine f the SCOTUS could unseat the POTUS, Trump would’ve lasted 5 seconds as the president.

Put again, I pray 🙏 for justice every day, but I’m afraid tomorrow is not the day we will see it.

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The only thing you know about EVs are lines your repeating from the oil industry, combined with extreme confirmation bias.

Do some research of your own, that’s the spirit of Q.

If you do some research, you’ll find out that changing a battery in a modern EV is almost non existent. It’s just as rear as having to do an engine swap in a new ICE car.

The range and charge times during winter is inconvenient, but that’s only a problem on longer trips, and you’ll need about an hour longer on a 400 mile trip than in an ICE.

How many 400+ miles trips are you doing during winter.

Don’t be like our enemies (mostly libs with extreme TDS), don’t just buy headlines because they support your bias. Do your own research and test drive an EV yourself.

It’s great fun, and mostly hassle free as long as you’re not an outlier in the driving statistics.

And stop calling people idiots when they clearly know more about a subject than you do. It’s not the Q way.

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I’m not here to convince you.

I would just like to remove some myths.

Long trips (except in cold weather), battery degradation and replacement is a non issue on this generation of EVs.

The environmental aspect is a huge question mark, but the fun factor is great.

Mine is as fast and fun as a super car, at a fraction of the cost.

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