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Idgi. Doesn’t kids lose their teeth in the USA?

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If this is the case, the tunnels have done their duty.

Why the big fuzz when the police came to seal them?

You can’t explain the reaction the people in that room had, if the only purpose of these tunnels were to access the Synagogue during Covid 2 years ago.

It just doesn’t make sense.

But if I’m wrong, and they spent hours of labour to access their place of worship during an illegal and tyrannical lockdown, I’ll be the first one to congratulate them.

That’s actually pretty based.

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John G Trump is the connection.

Interesting story. What happened to the Tesla Artefacts after his death?

Did Tesla invent a Time Machine? Is DJT a time traveler?

The rabbit hole is immense.

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If Q was a double crossing psyop like “operation trust”, there would already be a civil war. Why wake up millions to fight against you in the coming war.

The only way I can see Q being a black hat operation is for it to be the biggest honey pot the world has ever seen.

All the sealed indictments? Q and Maga patriots that the DS will remove in one huge sweep (that would explain all the FEMA-coffins in storage) Thus removing the 1% that would lead the revolution when Q is discovered to be a DS psyop.

I give this a 1% probability, not impossible but highly unlikely.

Too many variables that can fail for the DS to risk this operation in a war game setting.

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It might also be a setup for MSM and leftists.

Epstein didn’t own the island in 1997, and if we can push the narrative that Trump is on the list, it will be spread by our enemies as Well.

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I see a couple of possibilities: Helper is a black or gray hat, possibly Mossad to infiltrate and split the movement.

She’s a white hat, and this is some sort of Comms. Afaik Epstein didn’t own Little St James in 1997, maybe DJT was there looking to buy it when it was up for sale?

Being at Little St James in 1997 might not be as nefarious as people think.

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I’m pretty sure he was chosen by the MIL.

Puppet? Not so sure, but most likely chosen.

by Cuzzo
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If graphs like these were valid within a 5% margin, everyone on earth would be a millionaire.

There would be algorithms out there sold on eBay with very high accuracy for the stock market.

I’ve seen graphs like these my entire professional life, and they’ve (almost) never came through.

Chimps with darts have higher accuracy.

Maybe there are graphs/algorithms out there that can predict the stock(market) at a high degree.

But those are not in the public domain yet.

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Genuinely curious.

Has Gregg ever delivered on anything?

The only reason I have to still put any hope in this dude is that “his” organisation was seen written on a newspaper from AF1 on one of Qs pictures from back in the days.

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0 LOCAL emission vehicle, is one of the few valid selling points for EVs.

For generations humans have dug down their waste away from where they lived.

The petroleum industry is yet to find a way to combust fossil fuels without creating local emissions that seriously damages our health.

To be able to move those emissions somewhere else from where human lives, is not the “own” you think it is regarding EVs.

I know this comment will be downvoted into oblivion, I don’t care.

It’s impossible to have a decent discussion regarding EVs on this site.

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I also want to give you credit for how you handled this.

No bad words, no arrogance or name calling’s.

You stood your line, but still curious and open minded.

Just what this awakening is all about.

Stay in there brother, we’re on the good side of history.

That’s one of the only things I’m 100% certain about.

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In your defence, I’m getting to believe that “journalists” do this on purpose.

It’s an easy win for any “fact checker” out there to disregard the entire article based on the headline, even though the rest of the article is factual.

Keep up the good work, continue to use your “gut feeling” and continue posting.

Stay healthy fren.

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I don’t disagree with you that the worst batch had more than 20% deaths (21,38% to be exact).

But there’s a huge difference in claiming that 152 out of 711 people from “batch 1” died, to what you’ve written in the headline.

It’s ~20% from ONE batch, not for the whole population.

It’s still bad, but not 1095212 out of 5123000 bad.

Almost 1,1 million dead in a small country like NZ would be obvious. The entire society would crash.

We don’t disagree about the video, I disagree with the wording in your headline. Barry Young never claimed that 21,38% of ALL people that took the vaccine died, he claims (with great data) that 21,38% of the 711 people that took the deadliest batch died.

The c19 vaccination program was a huge Russian roulette, you could get a batch with 0% chance of death, or one with 1/5 chance.

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I understand that, the deathvaxx is extreme.

But the death numbers overall are far from 20%.

It’s 20% for the most deadly batch, your headline is gravely misleading; that would mean 1 million deaths from the vaxx

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I like your spirit, but you should read the whistleblowers statement again and delete/repost.

The top batch had 20% deaths, and that’s bad. But not as bad as 1 million+ dead in NZ, we’re far away from those numbers.

You wouldn’t be able to hide 25% overall death. Every 4th teacher, air traffic controller, doctor, policeman, truck driver etc. gone? That would cripple a nation.

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Have we established who’s behind USDC?

Any LARP can copy paste any Q post for publicity.

If this is something official, it’s highly interesting.

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I’m currently reading it using VPN.

$17,33 includes: “ the real costs born by taxpayers for subsidies, utility ratepayers for energy investments, and non-electric vehicle owners for mandate-and-environmental-credit-driven higher vehicle costs, which they say total $48,698 per EV. ”

So if you own an EV, you’re not paying $17,33 per “electric gallon”, but this “think tank” argues that you should do.

The article says nothing about what a gallon of petroleum product should cost, using the same method.

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AB Dobrowski Polar station

Over one bed, scrawled in red, Dale Anderson of NASA Research Station California declares he is here as part of a "joint US/Russia BungerHills Expedition 1991-92—‘Onwards ToMars!’ ".



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I have 0 trust in our government.

The prime minister has bent backwards for WEF/NWO on multiple occasions.

There will be no real cracking down on the new upper class in Sweden.

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