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Looks like a map of the table he's sitting at with names for each chair.

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“Vaccine Diplomacy”: Historical Perspectives and Future Directions by Peter Hotez


Vaccine diplomacy is the branch of global health diplomacy that relies on the use or delivery of vaccines, while vaccine science diplomacy is a unique hybrid of global health and science diplomacy. Both offer innovative opportunities to promote United States (US) foreign policy and diplomatic relations between adversarial nations.

Dr. Hotez on what feeds vaccine refusal: “Anti-science aggression”


The anti-vaccine movement began in earnest around 20 years ago in the United States around false assertions that vaccines cause autism. The way I got involved was because I have a daughter with autism, and I wrote the book Vaccines Did Not Cause Rachel’s Autism: My Journey as a Vaccine Scientist, Pediatrician, and Autism Dad, and that made me public enemy number one or two with the anti-vaccine activists.

What I would do at that time of social media was use their statements in their attacks against me as a teachable moment, to expose what the anti-vaccine movement was all about and how they were monetizing the internet with books on Amazon and nutritional supplements and the phony autism cures.

My books are among the top-rated on vaccines, and they’re probably ranked about number 30 or 40, because it’s all preceded by the phony-baloney, anti-vaccine COVID conspiracy books.

Viral spread: Peter Hotez on the increase of anti-science aggression on social media


What I’ve recommended to the Biden administration is they create an inter-governmental agency, because the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) doesn’t know what to do at this point. Because of the foreign actors involved, you have to bring in Homeland Security, the Commerce Department, the Justice Department and the State Department as well. There are people smart enough who know about these big dangerous societal forces, and we need their advice on what levers we can pull and push. But they haven’t wanted to take it on.

Vaccine diplomacy:


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The cure is usually time, because body heals itself.

Everything else, that's for coping with the time it takes.

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Top grade geopolitical news from whalechart twitter account.

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Be careful...they could pitch this in a way where "this AI is too powerful and will make us obsolete unless we merge with it via NeuraLink".

Hence the call for a 6 month pause, and the fact NeuraLink is ready for human trials.

Step 1 Oh Crap > Step 2 ??? > Step 3 Profit

Problem > Reaction > Solution

Chaos > ??? > Order

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Many of those people just punch codes into a computer and the computer tells them what to do. It's the height of ignorance. They can also be in a hurry and punch in a code wrong and give a patient the wrong medicine. They are glorified assembly line workers. When technology pretends to eliminate the guess work (aka "thinking") then you end up with these lemmings who don't think or double check things and blame everything on systems and protocols which are "supposed to be working correctly". No, actually, patients expect HUMANS to work correctly and look after them. Computers are just there to assist with the some of the mundane tasks and record keeping.

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