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What I find funny is, this is how I began searching for this site.

Well, I searched about Trump which sooner or later led me to something called The Fall of the Cabal and then I somehow ended up here.

The more they call people crazy and bash them for now reason, the more decent people begin to wake up. I questioned why everyone called Trump crazy or racist yet could never point out to me why.

And I never watched news, I just did things in life and people would naturally talk about him. Well, since nobody gave an answer I searched myself. Never found anything.

Well, I became a Trump fan and I like this board.

Learned a lot from here.

Thanks Qanon crazy talk people.

Oddly enough, when they bring that up out of nowhere - I respond with 'Qanon, you mean YOUR MSM Conspiracy Theory?'

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Nice one.

So, are they unraveling it real time?

And just posting what they find?

What I don't get is what are these Drops doing (Information aside).

IF you HAVE ALL THIS, please start the arrest. I'm not sure how much more we need awake. People are even checking out.

I get happenings or whatever behind the scenes, but I don't trust what I can't see.

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This is the only thing I see happening though.

And it's great, probably the most important. Because we can't do much without knowledge of what is happening.

HOWEVER, what the fuck is the 'sweet spot' for awake percentages?

Do we calculate those killed off by the jab or whatever into those %?

Is it only those alive at the current time of the arrest?

Sorry but, they need to start arresting. This is more than enough information, and if anyone wants to die on that side thinking it's all fake, tell them to stand the fuck up there with the pedophiles and drop with them.

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Yes, 2024 boys. Let's watch them shut down pipes, take 4 months and be surprised when it doesn't' work.

Then be pacified by some stupid Q post which sounds nothing of what Q sounded like.

Pretty intelligent.

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And that bad guy is a nobody tossed under the bus.

We need actual arrest. Yes, cleaning up is good but we must root out the evil creating it.

Not play their game of pretending to stop.

Arrest of high profile characters NEED to happen.

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And this is where I am starting to head, no lie.

I'm not going to sit there and watch pedopihles be doing what they're doing and not see shit happening.

Behind the stupid scenes guys'. (Behind the scene, children are raped and murdered, used as sexual play things)

No, arrest or don't be surprised people choose their own way.

At some point, this is nothing but an echo chamber without actual happenings. It almost seems a psy op to keep you passive throughout the process.

And yes, I'm starting to think this. Arrest NEED to happen. Not fucking retarded Q post.

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I really dont know why we give a fuck what some dipshit thinks.

In all honesty.

This whole world has to be 50% awake is bullshit in my opinion.

I'm pretty sure it's already at the level, we need action.

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23 and me.

Were they attempting to add random DNA together from the testers?

23 + Me = Child.

Are they literally attempting to play God?

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IF they receive Ad Revenue, then they receive Tax Money.

I don't donate to those that receive Tax Money.

Ads are Tax deductible..

Odd how you pay to be advertised. And they make money off that when you already paid for them.

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I think, they know their goal or who plan.

They know the plan because maybe they have documents or people that know.

So they control the information. They're not guessing anything, they don't know counter measures the Deep State will take. They know they have limited Ammo now, since most strings seemingly been cut. (Wonder where this Ukraine Money is going right now?)

Which is where we come in handy. We take the false information and turn it into true facts. We break down the Deep States Psy-op Machine.

We are the Counter-Intel to the Deep State Operations. We need to break down their agenda with facts, knowledge and counter questions. We NEED TO GET OTHERS TO START THINKING.

Parents should already be in School Boards if they're not. I would but I'm a single man in my 30's and right now probably not the best idea to go into that. I still think it should be Parents.

Action Action. Twitter, Facebook, ETC. Q called them Battlegrounds for a reason. Our War isn't hot yet, it's Informational.

Sure, rounds have been fired but they're all attempts at create a Civil War.

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This is my hardest part of me to control, because still and honestly - I want them to suffer.

But I also have to remember, I am not the one who ultimately decides where a Soul goes.

Even if I condemn one, God may not.

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