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Avoid reddit and your brain will thank you.

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FISA disclosure could do a great deal of damage to previously entrenched bureaucrats,

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Mohammad Bin Salman was supposedly the real target in Las Vegas on October 1st 2017. The Paddock shooting was cover for a blown operation to assassinate Bin Salman and he narrowly escaped.

The Saudi crackdown occurred shortly thereafter if my memory is correct. It began in November 2017.


Here is a thread that I saved that lays out all the details. It is thorough.


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They've sabotaged the armed forces into this for a reason. When they "need" to recruit illegals into the military they'll point to shortages like this as the driving factor.

Then when it comes down to turning soldier's rifles against actual American civilians it'll be that much easier.

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Hey guys I'm starting to think that maybe the ATF are the baddies.

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Cover story in my opinion. They were under too much heat, too much scrutiny, and playing the emotional manipulation card to restore support and shut down skeptics isn't farfetched.

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There is only one way out of this and it has nothing to do with congress.

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"GEMS" reads like comms to me.

I would do some research, but I'm busy welding plates to some construction equipment at the moment.

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I think the Trump card is declas.

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This turdle is the "living" embodiment of why we need term limits to begin with. That's his legacy.

Corrupt geriatrics should not be granted the power to shape a society that they will never live in. He belongs in a maximum security retirement home.

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