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I haven't dug deeply into Crowley but remember Mark Passio saying he's the ultimate example of "Do as I say not as I do".

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I would have been in so much trouble with my dad for disrespecting my mom's cooking if I tried to eat a hot pocket.

Sometimes she didn't feel like cooking and we'd just have something like that for dinner, with a few small extra things or leftovers, but you didn't just go get that by yourself.

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Beef is really expensive in the country I live in. No meatloaf for me. Lots of cheap ground pork here though. I wonder if that would work well enough.

A pound of ground beef (they sell it in roughly 200g packs here) ends up being like ten bucks.

I've been trying to eat cheaply lately because of income problems, mostly due to pureblood status. I'm fine, I have savings, I just don't want to go through much of that if I don't need to.

I've been finding that with some basic vegetables, pasta, beans, cheap canned fish and stuff like that, you can do a lot.

Look up Tuna fritters. Turn a can of tuna into a hamburger patty of sorts that's actually really nice.

A can of mackerel into a pot of soup comes out pretty nice. Dump some potatoes in there and it's very filling. You can buy a bag of dried beans really cheaply here. You can add those to anything for some protein too

I keep meaning to cook up some "Hoover stew" which is supposedly what they gave out at soup kitchens during the Great Depression, and looks like with a little seasoning and maybe an extra vegetable or two would be some pretty good stuff.

What's really cheap and what the locals eat is rice. I haven't gotten into that much yet, but if I wanted to follow the local diet instead of a roughly American one that would be the way to go.

Pizza is really easy and fun to make from scratch at home. The dough is flour, and a little salt and sugar. Add yeast with warm water. Mix.

I have trouble finding appropriate toppings here... Can't find pepperoni. I can do a Hawaiian pretty easily though.

A few rings of pineapple and two or three slices of ham and it's already overflowing with toppings.. you barely need anything to put on a pizza.

Cheese is the expensive part, but that's not a big deal.

Anyway... I enjoy cooking and experimenting. I didn't do it a lot because I always had people taking care of me.

There are YouTube videos where people take challenges like eating on one dollar/pound per day, and end up making some pretty decent looking stuff.

The limitation is what makes it interesting to me.

Restaurants and fancy stuff are out there if need be. But it's been very enjoyable to "scrimp and save" so far.

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Go through his podcast series from episode one. Write down the names of any books he mentions. Read them. Look at the additional materials he sometimes attaches to the podcasts.

You will learn a ton.

If you just start with the above-mentioned speeches (which are good) you won't get a lot of it.

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You're not wrong but it doesn't give them a pass to just break the rules.

I'm in Taiwan right now and people here sign up for the visa lottery system on the off chance that they'll "win" and they can one day go to America. It takes years and luck for most of them to follow the legal process.

Or you can just waltz on in like you own the place.

You know, when homeless people just barge into your house and eat your food because their life sucks and they're hungry you're happy to just let them do it, right?

I think I'd respond better to a knock on the door.

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She was probably wearing something like a "FUCK BABIES" shirt, so the guy needed to clarify if she was insulting babies or if she was a pedophile, which gave her the all-clear to talk about how good it is to kill babies.

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How about battery swaps?

In Taiwan there's a brand called Gogoro that has battery stations all over the place.

You drive up and put your old batteries into a big wall of batteries and it pops fresh ones out for you to take.

You're still relying on the stations of course, but it's probably faster than refilling with gas.

I assume there's a way to charge elsewhere (at home?) as well.

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I'm not sure you should call them dumbasses.

I mean, they're doing pretty well so far!

I thought WE were starting to do well but then everyone showed they're a fucking idiot, still fully brainwashed, by getting the vaccine.

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Are you sure you read what I said? I mentioned her causing tons of flights and being hauled around by trucks.

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Do they really regrow? I thought it was just the greens. This type of onion looks to be only greens basically, but with regular onions I don't think you ever get the actual onion part regrowing, do you? I've never had luck regrowing onions... they just die after a little growth whenever I try.

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It's like begging your slave master to beat you less. Even if they agree, you're still a slave.

That's all you'll get from presenting anything to anyone in DC.

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I've never seen Rick and Morty. It looks like total bullshit like Adventure Time, which seems to just be made by people who are really high on drugs and watching it makes my brain hurt.

I've never seen Rick and Morty, so maybe that's all wrong. I really hate this........ uh.... "he he we reference stuff so we're really hip guys" (does that make sense?) style of humor. Family Guy references stuff, but that's not the style at all.

Also the name sounds really gay.

If it's a good show, I'm sorry, it just looks like modern garbage.

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You won't be allowed in Starbucks anymore...

It's okay though, you shouldn't go in there anyway. You gain like 7 gay points each time you go in. After a certain point you build up enough that you can't become straight again.

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Nah, this game is FINISH HIM.

I'm afraid to ask.... has Mortal Kombat changed to "FINISH THEM" yet? I hope not..............

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The only one I know who DID walk the walk (sort of) was Greta Thundercuntberg.

She said planes were bad so she sailed across the sea. Sure all her family members and helpers and everyone else flew on a plane anyway, and sure she got stuck on the way back and had to fly a bunch of people in to help her not fly, but she did at least get on that boat.

She had a bunch of similar misadventures having her electric car towed by diesel trucks around Canada, but she didn't use any fossil fuels herself.

Of course what she really did was show pretty damn clearly that those methods didn't work at all, and nobody will notice this part because people are dumb and the news is corrupt, but hey, she tried.

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Freefall speed is the speed it would take gravity alone to bring something to the ground.

Any amount of resistance should make a fall a little slower than that.

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It's important to wear a mask after you recharge your immunity. When you exhale, immunomoluecules are released into the air, but if you trap them with a mask you can inhale some of them again.

You can also stick your penis into a wall socket for emergency recharges. Ladies can insert an extension cord from the wall to their hoohah, but be sure to insert a male plug.

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