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It was Roy in the video pulled from tiktok,..he said it was on the docket, and wants people to write letters.

I thought it was all bullshit, until trump retruthed a 2 month old post just yesterday. It's wierd.

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John Calhouns universe 25 mouse utopia experiment.

I see many parallels in that one.

I believe his work inspired The Secret of NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health).

If you are aware of the experiment while watching the cartoon, it becomes rather dark.

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My inner monologue has always pronounced it A-non, with a long A, instead of Uh-non. Even though I would never say A-nonymous.

I'm doing my own thing over here 😁

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My mom did a deep dive on my family history back in the early 90's. She made it all the way back to the first of my name, who was an orphan found in a field.

My ancestors were criminals who fled Europe to hide in the US.

The most notable name she came across in the tree was Daniel Boone.

Fast forward to today, dad did 23 & me,..now we are black somehow.

Too bad they just killed affirmative action.

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The man is just trying to make America great again.

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He deserves worse.


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I drank beer and crawled into bed. I can't say I recommend my treatment protocol, but I lived.

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My wife got scammed by one of these schools. She tried to get a copy of her training certificate and they couldn't or wouldnt produce it. Paid 9k for nothing.

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We will become the masters of ballot harvesting, legally.

Leave that on repeat in your head for a while, the implications are yuge!

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Wasn't microchip one of Alex Jones' stooges?

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We will become the masters of ballot harvesting? 🤷‍♂️

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