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Posted 22:53:21 Step 1: Read the 1st sentence re: [RR] Step 2: Read the NYT article re: [RR] wear wire Attempts to BAIT POTUS to FIRE to cross RED LINE will FAIL. FISA DECLAS WILL BRING THE HOUSE DOWN. Q


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anons point out that’s 17 letters right there in post 💚

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Awesome and good luck on ur AS and perfect credit hours 🙌

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Don’t worry fren PRAY -> worry solves nothing Prayers are everything and work 🙏 ! Keep us posted and I pray for healing to you and you’re family

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It’s on telegram but I saved to catbox if u want it (: https://files.catbox.moe/e2fqvr.MOV

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💚❤️ some good news fren in your reply and well said we don’t want I told you so’s we would rather they dig and now learn on their own and be there the best we can for them. A lady (Veteran) was crying last night on a voice chat broke my heart her sister now has Guillian-Barres syndrome after her vaxx and she tried to stop her sister and could not and her pain of sobbing knowing a govt she fought so hard for (as she also has chronic fatigue from anthrax vaxx smh) she has to brush aside emotions and help her loved ones painful mistake - this is going to be a huge wake up I pray for all and God please please help us be strong to handle the information and stories of such pain in our movement and humanity

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I wish I could reply I’m sorry to all comments - this is a important thread and so much sadness I feel for all whom contributed

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I just keep praying for all my frens and their families and friends and relatives Ives affected - this is a tough cross to bear in the truth when our close ones are being affected - I wish all on here peace and healing always - we currently know stats and yet I fear the increase is going to be worse than we thought. I am sorry for all affected you know

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Oh my goodness no! It’s so hard and ty same to you - we can try and try and these are not stupid people just so programmed I’ve given up on them and bite my tongue not worth tearing fam apart worse than it is right ?? Just pray hard ! My brother is in the medical field he voted for Trump but yet gives vaccines to patients !! I wanna throw up my head hurts from shaking it so much. I’ve always gotten the shrug waking them in financials FFs pedophilia world leaders inside govt collusion on and on BUT the vaxx hits home hard to understand this one at times fren (: appreciate your thoughts and know the same hugs are back to you and your Father always 💚

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My sister threw lung clots months after booster and my mom now has stenosis of her main heart valve - vaxx d boosted and I’ve tried for ages to wake my fam I cannot also they won’t allow me to see my mother until I’m vaccinated so all I can do is love them for their mistakes from afar 🥹 And my girlfriend passed away from swelling of the heart I forgot 🥹 she was 55 and triple boosted - family won’t acknowledge it was vaccine - she was healthy and no prior medical issues

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Saw this yesterday never seen before if anyone interested or have watched it

Amazing video.

Father Ripperger, exorcist priest, discusses that in 1612 the Virgin Mary of Good Success appeared in Ecuador and prophesied: Freemasons (established in the 1700s) using communism to destroy education and the family. Discussed pedophilia in the Church. Feminism etc. Based Pedophilia. Discusses Clintons, Franklin Scandal, Bohemian Grove, etc.

Our Times Part I: Our Lady’s View of Our Times ~ Fr Ripperger


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So agreed fren

5:35 pm Closing Remarks
Donald J. Trump


Doesn’t specify time zone on agenda - ugh

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Welp is HUFFpo spreading some truths - interesting -and let’s see more msm fall to the >> truth of what many have exposed for ages // tick tock can’t wait for msm to fall

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Unbelievable from article :

But as we wait for the government to act, we are already taking action, facilitating access to legal services across the country in places like Denver, Austin, Dallas, Richmond, Detroit and Atlanta, so our Afghan neighbors can overcome the barriers imposed by our immigration system.

This, however, should not excuse Congress and the Biden administration from taking prompt and definitive action.

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started kek Rudy was never America’s Mayor. It was @HillaryClinton who helped our 9/11 first responders, families, and communities.

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