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This ^^ though I agree with Purkiss in the question asked ..

Gonna HT /@sleepydude here

“When Q or Trump talks about pluses, they are talking about puppets.

If you know their name, they are simply a puppet. The REAL people in charge pay a lot of money such that you never know who they are. Strings are being cut, and the last one to go down is Soros.”

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{{ anon}}

I'm even more suspicious now.

Show his face on video if he's really there.

Take some pretty professional pictures of him reuniting with his teammates on the big green field if he's really there.

This screams Psy-op.




More : https://people.com/sports/damar-hamlin-visits-bills-teammates-after-cardiac-arrest/

4chan: Matt Milano posted this. If he’s dead, the teammates are in on it. Seems unlikely for teammates to be in on something like that. But it seems unlikely that he’s walking around after requiring oxygen less than a week ago. Notice his head is covered though

Stew Peters: https://twitter.com/realstewpeters/status/1617578167937417217?s=46&t=rMuKvR8ypCb1AIeLeIhabw

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Exactly this is concerning that a new carrot A B C D on and on will continue

Should we be logical and see that many with no legal experience will continue to get mesmerized by the process of a possible grift here ..imho very concerning

Thoughts from a lawyer friend in intial case was the denial will most likely be based that it was a civil filing request of a criminal outcome ..

So this leaves me to believe as with your comments of knowledge ..nothing will occur and no appeal will be granted ( being SCOTUS) highest appeal How do we state this going forward to normies who are 100 going to state

| look there’s hope !! New case B in works >> on and on

Reality sometimes doesn’t want to be heard imho (:

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🎄🙏🏻 ~~ Merry Christmas to all you wonderful Anon frens and your families ~ God bless you all this day and New Year ❤️🎄

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Amen - knowing all we know .. and have for ages ..we still need prayers to our Current and Veterans fighting the tyranny inside and out of the corruption .. we need to know SO many are still battling the Evil and I pray for their safety and ours daily 🇺🇸

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This is great to see !! we proudly hand off the fight to our next generation >> so good to see this 💪🏼🙏🏻

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Colored checkmarks >> I raise ur $8 and multiply that says notable kek

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I wish I was stoned tbh // noted I don’t smoke but man today I would

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tru …amongst the linguistics he’s saying some truths but I’m wondering where I am tbh kek

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Wait wait before break

YE “I like Hitler” ??

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