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Huge grifter photoshops many if not most pics (with CIC with pocket knife and women missing a foot ) cmon Derek oh how’s Charlie Ward

Folks he’s grifted his way on to a the scene many have spoken out —> no comments allowed besides on his twatter - blocked off all sm calling fraud ass out

One 19 yr active enlist did a bunch of YouTube on him need to locate but here’s Charlie …nuff said


Come on scene bam show docs and w all can locate read for ourselves ..brag has clearance (??) while not completing one full enlistment (??) seriously anyone have his CO or locale with service ? Can’t find it …they all do same come out of nowhere and have numbers pumped by above tier grifters like Jaco and Ward - sick of them

He posted these ..needs some work Derek





People believe hopium and grifts sell well

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We know his background his roots

More of optics or more of a “cucker”

IMHO we lost a great deal on that day of freedom and our 1st amendment and sad state they can “attempt” full onslaught control of all sheep programming on the teLIEvision

I wanna make sure we know what’s up and I love good ole input from anons views always (:

Enter >> AJ and that’s ok but concerning how close they are as well no?

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Guessing one three letter didn’t know other was in control just a thought

I hope anons find the facts wish case wasn’t settled …would like to read I was out for month anyone have it ?

It seems like a YUGE …

Transfer >> embezzlement of amongst 1 Billion from Fox > Dominion right before our eyes always

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Would love thoughts on this if anyone is interested

Could go down many holes but found this old article informative with links

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Same chans empty too but I have a good fren I’ll ask and report back when located

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Unreal fren I saw the FBI grooming grandpa stuff I can’t locate any personal history Re marriage kids etc this is dasting ty

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Send any links (: I can’t locate the correct partner kek - looking now

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Sadly as many Texans know this is was all a planned takeover especially with the 2020 stolen fraud elections and a blue blue blue County (s) they’re taking over or trying in Dallas Houston Austin and boarder locations

Edit - just now

A Houston Independent School District teacher arrested for smuggling illegal immigrants in Texas.

A public school teacher is aiding the Drug Cartels.

This session we are seeking a mandatory minimum prison sentence of at least 10 years for this crime.


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Melania tweeted this image of a rose @ 12:20 pm est today.

it looks very much like a queen elizabeth rose. hmmmmm. see here:


so, this image clearly has the meaning of christ rising (rose) from the dead on easter. it also likely represents trump's ressurection. trump posted an hour earlier "we'll be back".

melania is known to send messages when trump is attacked. remember the "pussy bow" blouse she wore to trump's 2016 debate after the release of the access hollywood tapes? the blouse was also pink....



clinton = 'rose' law firm

Interesting take

Link https://poal.co/s/QStorm/628760

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This is gonna be good > destroy the handShaKE imbeciLe Ian 🥳

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She’s a grifting ((skank)) already selling her merch on her Twitter re: celebrating PDJT indictment or should we say witch hunt vindication as he always IS 💯 Plus skunksToRmY > doesn’t event look like this but according to fake media she looks this good off her crack 😂🤣



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Okie fren (:

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First she doesn’t look this way anymore 🤣 damn msm unreal > second she’s already grifting off all this selling her merch on Twitter > such a fool I’m being nice today (skank) 😂

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