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They try this every couple of months here on GAW

They think we don’t notice


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The fire is always heaviest when you're over the target.

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"I’m not trying to fool anyone. I’ve lurked here for a long time before I decided to post. No worries, I’ll see myself out."

Deletes account after one post lol... f--cking shils

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Everything woke turns into sh*t

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Pretty sure that they will be dressed up as Trump supporters

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Same here, I only go there for news and memes. It's crawling with bots and shills.

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Not everyone who disagrees with you is a bot. Your post history shows you are obsessed with this film and people have a legit reason to criticize your second stickied post for it.

How much would I want to bet OP has an Amazon Prime account and a Netflix account... lol

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So what is the key to proper Christian conduct? Obedience to God, to the best of your ability, coupled with sincere repentance if and when you fall short. But there’s more to obedience than what the average Westerner might imagine.

3. Obedience

To be a man is to believe in order, both within and without. Order in our internal worlds, submitting what is low to what is high within us. Order in our external worlds, submitting ourselves to the authority of God above. Orthodox Christians submit on many levels: to God, to the Church, to our Priest, and to each other. By ordering our external behavior in such a way, it cultivates humility – the ultimate weapon of spiritual warfare – and brings our fractured souls into alignment.

Without Christ and His Church, our souls are fragmented. We become compartmentalized, fractured beings with our inner powers in a state of disharmony. This is, as mentioned above, exacerbated at every opportunity by those who seek power and control over us. But by cultivating the virtue of obedience, we bring our dissonant selves into harmony and become whole, complete human beings. But in our world nothing is more difficult – and nothing is more anathema to the secular conception of masculinity – than the notion and practice of obedience.

Most Christian men understand the idea of obedience to God. Depending on what group you belong to, that can manifest itself in different ways; many Protestant men will take the idea to mean reading the Scriptures and doing their best to follow its commands and exhortations. That is certainly a step in the right direction, and will bring much more grace than simply trying to “go your own way” as many modern men do. Roman Catholic men do their best to obey not just the Scriptures, but also their Pope (at least, when they agree with him). Orthodox Christians do our best to obey the Scriptures, our spiritual fathers or mothers, our Confessors, our bishops, and – most importantly – the Holy Spirit as He has spoken through the Church’s Ecumenical Councils throughout time. Ideally, there is no dissonance between any of these sources; a good spiritual elder will do his or her best to only teach what is found in the Scriptures and the Church.

As someone who began his life as an atheist – and then moved through Protestantism on his way to the Holy Orthodox Church – I can tell you that one of the most difficult parts of the journey was to swallow my pride enough to obey my priests and the dogmatic declarations of the Church. Infected by the spirit of American democracy, I brought my Western baggage into the beginning of my Christian walk: my voice counted as much as anyone else’s, my interpretation of Scripture was just as valid as a Saint’s, my life would be run my way and where convenient, I would allow Christ to take the lead. But a wise man once said that “There is a wall between us and God, and that wall is called ‘I.’” And the more I have learned to humble myself and obey, the more correct I realize he was.

Our deepest disease is pride. It is the mother of all sins, as humility is the mother of all virtues. And nothing breaks down the prideful self-willing, so expected and encouraged in the Western world today, as obedience. It is difficult, it will irritate you, and in the end it will prove to be one of the greatest mirrors for your own remaining sin as you attempt to grow in obedience and find such an ocean of resistance within. And plus – if you wish to be obeyed as a Christian leader, you must first learn to follow Christ. No man can lead until he first learns to follow.

Christianity is a paradox in many ways, at least as concerns our behavior in this world. But the founder of our Faith, Jesus Christ Himself, already told us this over 2,000 years ago: “The last shall be first, and the first last” (Matthew 20:16). When we puff ourselves up to an unwarranted position of superiority, we end up harming our souls in the long run. Thus I encourage you to study what it meant to be a Christian for the first 15 centuries of the faith; read the Apostolic Fathers (the direct disciples of the Apostles) and then their students, and their students, and their students after them. If what you find disagrees with your own conception of Christianity, have the wisdom and humility to recognize the likelihood that those men who knew the Apostles personally understood Christianity better than what you learned from Pastor Jim’s Bible Church. If you submit to the Christian life handed down throughout the millennia, and obey the canons and dictates written down by the world’s most inspired and illuminated men, you will find healing in your soul that you never imagined possible.

When we humble ourselves enough to follow the teachings of Christ over time, adapting our appearance and conduct to the path He laid out rather than adapting Christianity to our own preferences, that is when we enter the Kingdom of God: not just in the afterlife, but in the here-and-now as well.

**May God bless, guide, and save you.

In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


Michael Witcoff: "M. Witcoff is a Jewish convert to Orthodox Christianity. He is the best-selling author of On The Masons And Their Lies and runs the “Brother Augustine” ministry on YouTube and Telegram. You can follow him on Gab."

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I was able to become & stay sober, after years of attempts, in part due to Q. Yeah, take it what you will, but Q opened my eyes up to God like never before.

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And yet there are still people in this thread supporting Tucker, very sad. WAKE UP PEOPLE. Fox News is not our friend. Never forget what they did on Nov. 3rd 2020 calling AZ early. Each week that goes by they become CNN+ or Fox Lite. Don't get me started on NewsVax.

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Cramer is the living definition of the word, "shill."

Not just because of this but because of his 20+ years of grifting as a financial expert.

He's as fake as they come and will promote anything for a buck.

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Oh man, patriots.win is as compromised as a Win XP machine open to the 'net with no patches in 2021.

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I could listen to Ted Nugent talk to Joe Rogan all day - some of the best interviews I've ever heard, and I'm an interview junkie.

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I know right? Shills can't get over the fact that we're not following THEIR stupid sheepish Covidiot rules. I can see right through their bullshit posts this is what has them down.

Trump said it was our choice and touted therapeutics before the narrative was turned 180 degrees by the MSM.

All the shills want is for Trump to denounce the vax so the MSM gang can have a reason to scorn him for it. Any other viewpoint, IMO, is placating to the enemy.

Why do these shills forget about freewill? LOL, they all come off like controlled ops to me. They've been polluting GAW because they're tired of getting owned on Patriots.win

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Wrong website bro, shouldn't you be talking shit about Trump on Patriots.win? LOL. Deported.

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