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This is from The People's Voice.

I do enjoy their content, but they are careless with their sources. Which is why they're banned on GAW.

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The reason I don't think Obama's motivation is blackmail pressure is he was groomed as a CIA asset from childhood. This is his life's mission.

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Interesting how they all depict the American/Columbia version of a pagan goddess.

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Scripted conversation.

"Don't bother suing me everyone, I have nothing left."

The subscript is criminals may lose everything, but they can still buy their freedom.

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I analyzed a copy of the drive in late 2019. I confirmed the email meta data containing the IP addresses of every recipient and the email servers the emails passed through. This self-authenticating data was why the Bidens never denied the laptop was real.

My main conclusion was that Rudy Guiliani curated the copy of the drive that he and Bannon disseminated to the media, which is the copy I accessed. He removed all illegal content involving minors. He may have removed evidence of some other crimes for legally strategic reasons. The original version of the drive that he turned over to the FBI probably contained the unredacted and explicit evidence of all the serious crimes, the inclusion of which I suspect was a strategic move to entrap a corrupted FBI branch and chain of leadership who he knew would not act. This means the FBI committed a serious crime by not acting to protect a minor who was in danger at that time.

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Ask your friend how the Russian collusion special investigation worked out, and why Igor Danchenko admitted he made up the entire pee dossier.

Then ask him why Hunter admitted the laptop was his, and the thousands of emails were authenticated according by the embedded meta data which includes the IP addresses of every recipient and email server the messages passed through. Then call your friend a conspiracy theorist for good measure.

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I'm thinking the globalists just weren't able to steal it this time. Le Pen and her father have been popular in France for over 20 years. You don't stay in the competition for that long without overtaking treasonous scumbags at least once, probably several times in the past.

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Not a matter of the CIA needing the money, it's about AJ returning the money that was used to buy him in the first place.

AJ went from local yahoo on cable access to nationally known radio host overnight. The CIA owned him.

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It wasn't only 26 visits, and it wasn't only to the island. Clinton visited Epstein's New Mexico ranch and other properties, and Epstein visited the White House multiple times while Clinton was president. We'd question the man who arranged those visits, but he was found dead with an electrical cord around his neck and a shotgun blast to the chest.

Clinton visited Epstein more often than most people visit their family members. It's important to remind your liberal friends who voted for him, along with the numerous rape allegations.

If any lib calls these facts conspiracy theory, remind them to stop being sexist and believe all women.

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My theory is this is a white hat arrangement for AJ to buy back his freedom from the CIA. This cuts his puppet strings while also prewiring normies for the eventual revelation that Sandy Hook was staged.

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I love these white hat moves where they're in a tug of war then let go of the rope.

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Even if what you're alluding to is true, it's a conspiracy among elites. Do you think Hitler's Rothschild ancestors were loyal to Jews or to elite bloodlines? Was Soros loyal to the Jews while he was looting their property?

Anyone blaming "the Jews" does not personally know any Jews. If they did, they'd know that regular Jews have no clue about this stuff. This logic equates to blaming every Catholic for pedo priests. It makes no sense.

And to the Nazi apologists downvoting, you need to come to terms with the fact that the Nazis were anti-Christian pagan socialists. They were the opposite of small-government conservative Christians. Read the writings of the NSDAP predecessor, the Thule Society. Read the pagan occult writings of Guido von List and of Lanz von Liebenfels who published Ostara magazine, which Hitler owned every copy of. It's all polytheist paganism bent toward a Germanic fairytale monarchy. Stop pretending the Nazis had some good ideas when their core beliefs were the opposite of Natural Law and inalienable rights granted by God.

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Despite the lies of Western propaganda, the Nazis were still an authoritarian socialist pagan cult. They were the darlings of progressives until Stalin and his propaganda triumphed.

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China won't be buying US debt bonds anymore. After the Evergrande meltdown, they have their own debt fiasco.

Trump is about to demoralize Democrat voters the same way the DS did to Republican voters in 2008. Back then, DS agent George W Bush had overseen the housing meltdown, thus positioning the Republican party and their voters as the whipping boy for candidate Obama's criticisms right before an election. Bush could have rightfully blamed Clinton for the CRA ammendment of 95 that caused it all, but Bush's job was to facilitate demoralization of conservatives. Worth noting that George's brother Marvin was a primary figure in the Savings and Loan scandal of the 80's which briefly tanked the economy, so the Bush family has a history of economic crimes against US citizens going back to Prescott Bush funding the Nazi war machine during wartime as the director of Union Bank.

I don't wish for Americans to be put through any more economic pain because of these scumbags, but I do look forward to Trump quoting Obama right before election day with "We tried it your way, it didn't work!"

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When Fauci is finally nailed to the wall, he's going to start squealing names. He's such a little weakling that it's the only outcome.

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If you're interested in this topic, you must search for Gary Wayne on Rumble. He wrote a dense book called the Genesis 6 Conspiracy.

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I'm so thankful I discovered Q so I no longer get lured into stressing over all this theater.

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It's impossible to remain good in an evil world without being strong. Therefore, developing strength is a moral obligation.

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