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Why would Q let our loved ones die in such a horrible manner? I don't get it.

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Upvoted for downvoting for complaining about downvoting.

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What effect will the chinabug shots have on the next round of pox?

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This is horrible. I feel bad for all the families effected by this.

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Looks like the market is turning green before the opening bell. Must be due to all the good news in the world.

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They'll just say that abortions aren't contagious.

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The stock markets are looking great today. Nothing but good news and sunny skies. /s

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Somebody photoshop him wearing his leather dancing suit.

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So fucking do it already. How many more innocent families are going to be put into the shitter before this game is over? Chop chop!

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I can't. I'm on Android. Sold all my DWAC stock this morning. I'll just stick with GAW and Gab.

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My uninjected wife caught covid last week, and I have avoided it until yesterday. Last night, I ate half of a gummy CBD and got the chills. I had a headache and body ache all day today. Minimal coughing. I treat my body like garbage, but I took 4 clicks of horse paste each day for the last four days. It's not bad so far.

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