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They’re literally brainwashed, I mean seriously, they believe Trump is more senile than Biden and they completely deny all the insane shit Biden has said in his past and there’s a fucking lot. Their opinions are served to them on a platter of emotional manipulation, they don’t think, they feel. Everything they believe is filtered through “is this offensive? If it is it cannot possibly be true” and they’re told what is and isn’t offensive. If it’s not that it’s “what opinion will my peers most approve of”

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Yeah except he's putting them under the direction of the coast guard who will probably just let them through.

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politicians should give up some of their rights as they enter into public service.

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Notice how he said “we” when referring to the FBI lol

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lol is this what the Australian "wild" fires are about?

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Even managed to throw J6 in there, oh and notice how the dad is useless? Typical propaganda trope

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Unless %60 must remain private just so it doesn't just look like a military coup

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