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LOL he's complaining about something he wouldn't vote for anyway.

Politicians are such theatrical losers. It's all a fucking act.

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And the only people that believe that vote Democrat.

I rest my case on who the most retarded people among us are, your Honor.

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And if you read the first drops from Q... They're all around first few days of November deltas.

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Sounds like the greedy PGA needs the competition.

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Skull and Bones might have something to do with the "woke" culture there.

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Just coincidence. Can't be the vax because "safe and effective."

Does she even know how to science? I didn't think so.

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They're getting out in front of the real disclosure that's on the horizon.

It'll be some truths but mostly utter bullshit.

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Not to mention we're talking about a vaccine that causes AIDS.

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How do those who believe in Q and the Anti-Christ reconcile what appears to be conflicting narratives?

Q: The Best is yet to come


AntiChrist: The end of the world and very hard time ahead

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And this is why Trump endorsed him.

Because he knows we ain't nothin but truth diggers.

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Why do we live in a reality where we must question reality on virtually every fucking thing in existence. It's stressful and I cannot believe this is the norm throughout the universe.

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They should sue the FAA which signs off on the allowable treatments pilots can take. Guess what? The vaccines were Emergency Use as they're experimental. The FAA allowed for it when they typically don't. Why? What data did they have that stated it was safe for pilots?

Can't wait to see how this plays out.

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