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Well said!!!!!!

This is why we call them, "vaxtards." They've bought into the science paid for by big pharma.

Well of course their "science" is gonna promote their poison!!! Duh!

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I've always wondered if The Fed would return real money to the American people if other countries currency started to compete against the ever inflating FIAT dollar. Just so they could maintain their control. Then once they wipe out the other currencies, they pull the gold-backing again and the cycle continues.

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Then they'll attack you personally. It happens here all the time. You can't attack their faith, they'll attack you. They don't understand good people can believe shitty things. If you don't believe as they do, you're worthy of scorn and ridicule. Because you' were critical of their dogma.

It's always personal to them.

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Funny how everyone's version of God can exist. Some worship a god that preaches unconditional love and yet built an eternal torture chamber of torment with zero chance at rehabilitation.

"Love your enemies and forgive those that trespass against you... And while you're doing that, I'll be over here torturing people for their beliefs." -God

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“The truth is that any form of authoritarian control—any type of "government," whether constitutional, democratic, socialist, fascist, or anything else—will result in a set of masters forcibly oppressing a group of slaves. That is what "authority" is—all it ever has been, and all it ever could be, no matter how many layers of euphemisms and pleasant rhetoric are used in an attempt to hide it.” -Larken Rose

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With the next court hearing being December 4th. It'll be strung out...

I still don't want to believe this is all about setting Trump up for a 2024 run. I guess there's still time to address the massive election fraud and fix it by then. Who knows.

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That's great and all, but the rigged elections are paramount.

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If he gets arrested, their hate will be massively redirected towards his supporters. Patriots will be in their narrative shaping crosshairs.

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I'll tell you a little secret.

Our beliefs are not the product of desire or will alone. They're the product of circumstance and experience.

Belief is the lotto and rewarding/punishing anyone based on it, is unjust.

You and your god don't even understand the simple fundamentals on how humans function. It's a bit embarrassing for you all.

Anyway, I'm moving on.

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Sorry, my analogy is accurate.

I must make a choice, I must save myself. It's simple.

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See? You all fail at simple logic. If I MUST do something to be saved. It's all up to me to save me. I state this very obvious logical concept and get down-voted for it.

It's not even worth the conversation at this point. We can't even agree on fundamentals.

Love your enemies and don't trespass against those that trespass against you.

Sounds like God could learn from reading his own book.

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