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I have taken the horse paste several times, and most recently took it for about 10 days after my wife tested positive for "covid". I suspect she just had the flu. I took 4 notches daily of the paste (1 notch for every 50 lbs) with water, along with my usual vitamin regimen (NAC, Vitamin C, D3, K2, Zinc & Quercetin), cut out sugar completely, and I never go the bug she had. I take it every time I feel a little under the weather and I'm better usually within 24 hours! I have several tubes in stock at all times. Giddy Up!

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All the earnings should be distributed back to We The People!

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What is the significance of this building? Why put this picture into a Q post with "Buckle Up". I did a quick image search and the address of this building is 520 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, CA.

I searched current companies that have offices there and it's a bunch of financial industry companies...."Financial industry companies already leasing office space at 520 Newport Center Drive include Bank of America’s Merrill Lynch, Private Banking and Investments, Commercial and Business Banking offices; Janus Capital Group Inc.; Hong Kong-based Wing Lung Bank; Stifel, Nicolaus & Co.; Wells Fargo Advisors; and Hightower Advisors.

Additional banking, investment and financial companies with office space within Newport Center include powerhouses PIMCO, Allianz, Pacific Life, UBS Financial Services, Oppenheimer, J.P. Morgan, BNY Mellon, Northern Trust, Morgan Stanley, Aviation Capital Group, ROTH Capital Partners, U.S. Trust and City National Bank."

To add to this...maybe we need to focus on Donald Bren - he's the Billionaire that backs this building and is the nation's richest real estate developer (worth $18B).

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What's up with the US flag in the background? The stars on the right side have a huge blue gap next to the stripes. I guess it was "Made in China" ?!?

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Seems like they deliberately focused on the the storage closet sign at the beginning of the video. Interesting.

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...and then the tree fell and landed on her.

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I agree...seems like the people in the back row, behind Durham are CGI. Noticed it on other networks too.

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Looks like Dan is counting down....last vid he posted of the flag was 29 seconds. This one is 28 seconds.

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So, I searched the Web on "KAC MD LLC" and a person's name came up that was associated with the company name KAC MD LLC.

"R. Alexander Sullivan"

And after searching "R. Alexander Sullivan", I saw numerous hits for him being an attorney out of Fort Mill, SC. Maybe not a doctor, after all?

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Bwahahaha! Didn’t expect that….so funny!!

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I just don't see it. If the DS actually did this...why would you make it visible & known for all of us to see? If you want to kill of a large majority of our population, or contaminate our food chain....do it with drinking water. Why bring attention to it with visible "chemtrails"? Makes zero sense.

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Still waiting on the contrary evidence that "chemtrails" are legit and real. And yes, I'm arguing that chemtrails are not a thing. Is cloud seeding legit...yes. Is cloud seeding the same as what you call "chemtrails"? No. Cloud seeding involves sprayers - do you see sprayers on the airplanes that are producing these "chemtrails" you speak of?

So, I guess this vintage photograph of a Boeing WWII plane is producing "chemtrails"? I guess they have doing this since the first flights took air.

WWII plane with contrails

Question for you - if "chemtrails" were real, why would they make it visible to us? So we can actually see what they are doing to us? Wouldn't you think if they were trying to kill us with chemicals in the air, they would make it non-visible, so we are clueless? There's much easier ways to kill off people without us knowing....maybe contaminating drinking water with a colorless, odorless chemical? But, taking the time to put the chemicals into the jet fuel and spread it at 40,000 ft. Come on...that's absurd.

Also, who is the target of these "chemtrails"? Is it all of the World's population? Who is behind it? And, why would they do that? That means even those at the highest level of corruption (i.e. Deep State) would still be exposed to it? It literally make zero sense.

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Were all the jets the same make/model that took off out of SLC? There are so many variables that contribute to contrails. Do some research. Would love to see your evidence that shows that exact same airplanes (make/model), same time, same altitude, same weather conditions, same engines, end up producing two different outcomes (no trails vs. trails).

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You're comparing two totally different things. Planes flying at 40,000 feet are flying in air temperatures around -70F. The jet engine exhaust is between 1,200-1,400F. That's quite a big difference in temperature. It takes a long time for the jet exhaust to reach the ambient air temperature at 40,000 feet, hence why it lingers and takes awhile to dissipate.

Car exhaust is about 400F...and obviously our ambient air temperature at ground level is nowhere near -70F. Have you ever seen car exhaust on a hot day? Not likely.

As for 2 planes flying at "roughly" same altitude and one emitting contrail and one not...again, humidity can be completely different even if flying at 1,000 feet difference. There are so many variables that would effect this to make the difference. Show me a video or some irrefutable evidence of this exact scenario - 2 planes, same altitude, same airplane make/model, same flying speed, in same geographic area, one with contrail, one without, and I'll consider it.

I won't even go into the jet fuel issues with your thoughts on "chemtrails". Do you really think they are manipulating jet fuel by putting chemicals in it to create these "chemtrails"? Do you even have a slight understanding how difficult it would be to do this? A combustion engine would completely change the added chemicals before going out the exhaust. Jef fuel burns at 3,000F.

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The question above asked, why on some days there are lines everywhere and on some nothing? Well....I answered that. Educate yourself with a little basic science in this short video. It addresses your question about "lingering" at the end of the video. Have you ever watched clouds form over a mountain range throughout the day? Same principle.

Contrails...not chemtrails

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It's called humidity. Same as the exhaust coming out of your car. Some days you see it coming out of your car, because of the higher moisture levels. Some days you don't see it (drier days). Same goes for warm/moist airplane exhaust coming from the engines. As this warm/moist air cools, you no longer see it. That's why it vanishes. It's moisture. Humidity levels change every single day. Same goes for your warm breath on a cold & humid morning. It disappears as it cools and reaches the same temperature as the air temperature. Basic science.

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Agree 100%!!! I don't miss mainstream news at all, but it shows you just how many people are still clueless and very, very far from being awake.

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