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Who said anything about the DOJ or SCOTUS?

Doesnt matter what fucking court you go to they all work they same.

its still THAT FUCKING SIMPLE if you have the evidence

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Since you want to sniff balls and split cunt hairs lets have a closer look

Define:TRIBUNAL The seat of a judge; the place where he administers justice; a judicial court: the bench of judges. See Foster v. Worcester, 10 Pick. (Mass.) 81. In Roman law. An elevated seat occupied by the pretor. when he judged, or heard causes in form. Originally a kind of stage made of wood in the form of a square, and movable, but afterwards built of stone in the form of a semicircle. Adams, Rom. Ant. 132, 133.

Define: COURT In a wide sense, any duly constituted tribunal administering the laws of the state or nation; in a narrower sense, a court proceeding according to the course of the common law and governed by its rules and principles, as contrasted with a “court of equity.” - Black's Law Dictionary

as you can see a tribunal is a type of court, we have many courts, traffic court, family court, supreme court.

point is they all require evidence and its still THAT FUCKING SIMPLE if you have the evidence fucking do it.

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No. Its a done deal. Nothing left for The People to do. The Law of the Land is the supreme authority. Always has been always will be.

THE FUCKING COURTS HOWEVER need to start ENFORCING the will of The People via the power given to them by The Law of the Land.

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Why the fuck does the pillow guy have United States Election Data?

And what gives him the right to keep it from me in the first place?

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Stop dicking around with the constant carrot on a stick bullshit, PULL THE FUCKING TRIGGER, and take these cock suckers to court.

ITS THAT FUCKING SIMPLE if you have evidence.

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If 2020 isn't rectified and fixed

That is what the 2nd amendment is for.

If this isn't fixed by 01/01/2022 @ 12:00am I will start shooting the cock suckers myself. I am sure I can take out at least 2 of them before they get me.

Notice: FBI, NSA, White Hats, Black Hats, and pedo Joe. I am in the mid west, not hard to find, been doxxed a few times already ...Come and get me, I double fucking dog dare you.

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Should be listed as RVP. I just got a couple of share on fidelity for fun.

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I will be glad when these cock suckers run out of carrots.


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SEE people exposed or know of them being executed or being in gitmo

You got America fucked up friend. That is not how we do shit here. We do not care out secret trials, imprisonments, and executions.

They pull this fucking trigger and put these cock suckers on public trail or they are just as guilty and should hang right along side the rest of Washington DC.

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Got your own personal copy hmm?

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If one goes down so does the other. Even old school land based copper lines need internet once it gets to the switch.

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Why fuck around with that bullshit.

Cut it off at the head.

Abolish government mandated education.

The U.S. Government has no fucking business dictating what me and/or my family learns and or studies, or how we get our education. It's Private and you need to stay the fuck off my lawn.

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The eye's do look like Jim. Is Jim still missing?

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I typed out a book...but decided fuck it, lets just skip to the end.

After SCOTUS and Pence the only other option was declaring a real insurrection, and taking over by force.

Is that what you would have preferred?

Or do you have something different in mind?

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This is going to result in the Patriot act on steroids.

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