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Good! Should have been defunded years ago. Sell commercials like everyone else!

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As a white female, I can truthfully say that neither I nor my cis white ex-husband ever experienced "cis white mobility privilege". But if she has, I'd suggest she give up her job to...(insert proper race here).

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My mother worked very hard during most of her adult life against fluoridation and died this past January, after a long battle with Alzheimer's. She would be touched to see how attitudes on this subject are turning around.

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Give them a choice: take the hijab off for the mugshot or get returned to your country of origin.

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They also dis-barred Rudy Giuliani. They are Communists and their day will come.

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Absolutely, especially since they won't be housing 4 ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS (criminals by virtue of being in the country illegally), they'll be housing 20. Cause that's a lot more money. All the states, particularly Florida and Texas need to bus EVERY LAST ONE of these people to New York or Washington.

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