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Those dipshits are always unhinged. They legit live in a different reality and it's insane to see. They also can't understand why Kamala is unpopular and the only possible explanation they can come up with is 'racism'

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If he fell and took a hit to the head, that could definitely kill you, even if you're younger than 68. Hematoma's no joke, I've had a close call myself and I'm significantly younger than he was.

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Ironically, they're the team with the based players (Bosa, Kittle, and Purdy who is openly a devout Christian). Whereas KC is the team that's shilling for Pfizer and promoting the satanist tranny Swift.

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Taylor's got some awfully broad shoulders and had an adam's apple in 'her' old Apple ad. Not to mention having the curves of a teenage boy.

Always knew Travis Kelce was a faggot.

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For what it's worth, he did meet with Trump at Trump Tower shortly after he won in 2016.

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Just don't read the comments, they'll rot your brain

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Everyone was laughing at her, but I can't help but wonder, what if she was right?

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But wtf is going on with his left eye? Glass eye? Demonic possession? Also counted a solid 2 minutes where he didn't blink with either eye.

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