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Catholics don't pray to statues.

Catholics have statues but the statues themselves are not prayed to.

Catholics are not pagans no matter how much you claim they are

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Yep. Nobody seems to read the article, they just trot out their old anti Catholic talking points. No idea how this even got stickied.

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Someone doesn't understand papal infallibility.

Christ Himself gave His disciples the authority to forgive sins.

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All valid questions.

I just want this to be over. Trump said the cure cannot be worse than the disease and if the precipice is gonna result in societal collapse and mass death I don't think it will be worth it.

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What a fucking waste of my time.

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Q specifically cited grassley as one who can be trusted

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The post says "for the second time in a row". 2020 was the first time an election was blatantly stolen over the course of a week.

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That first verse refers to the Trinity.

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Very well said.

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Darwin is full of shit.

We never got the common ancestor that is vital to the theory of evolution. There's no more evidence for evolution than creation based ideology yet it is touted as fact by the same retarded scientists who said COVID was gonna kill everyone.

The lack of conclusive evidence aside, I'm a Christian. God created man in His image. Period.

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Yeah given Xi's less than stellar human rights record doesn't make me want to go off talking about how great he is.

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