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I can't even get the coworker I talk to every day about this shit to go out and vote. He hates Biden and all of the liberal shit going on, but it's not enough to get him to vote.

Says he doesnt know if he's registered and we work at a fucking place hosting a voting site.

And I'm sure his adult children won't vote either. Such a fucking shame. I'm really disappointed in how much more these men care about the NFL games than the elections.

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From the 4chan

"What can you do? If you don’t have experience in cracking or working with ios devices you can still download and seed the original torrent. At the very least this helps get the data into the hands of anons who can crack it Simply put, the more people that have these files the harder it will be to bury IGNORE ALL SHILLS"

Article link

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LOL yeah, here I am over here getting all excited for them. Forgetting that we're like 1 commie away from being worse than Chyna

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That one appears to have been removed. But it keeps reposting:


The one I screenshotted was from over a week ago and was flagged for removal.

I texted the phone number (602) 806-4392 and asked if I would have to cross the border. I received a reply saying no, I would not have to.

For all we know this is CPB paying people to haul immigrants away from their facilities.

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From Bioclandestine:

"HUGE news from US Counterintelligence!

This is an official statement from the Office of National Counterintelligence Security. This is EXTREMELY juicy. Read it and tell me what they are describing.


They are confirming all of the major themes we have been pushing. Let’s break it down.

A “Global threat” of “state and non-state actors are targeting the United States”. Infiltrating “every sector of the US economy”. A “diverse and dynamic threat” utilizing “legal and quasi-legal methods, including mergers, acquisitions, investments, joint ventures, partnerships, and talent recruitments programs to acquire US technology and innovation.”

The 3rd paragraph is spot on and reads like things we all have been writing for years: “This new form of conflict is not fought on a foreign battlefield, but on our power grids, our computer networks, our LABORATORIES AND RESEARCH FACILITIES, our financial institutions, our healthcare providers, and our federal, state and local tribal governments. This battle will not be won by weapons and warriors, but by public and private sector partnerships and through American dedication and diligence.”


So what does this mean? It confirms that the US government KNOWS it’s been infiltrated. But why are they talking about it now? HUNTER BIDEN.

This entire statement is a direct shot at Hunter Biden and his shady dealings in Ukraine. Hunter Biden using quasi-legal partnerships and investment funds (Rosemont Seneca) to use US innovation and technology on foreign soil, to conduct research at biological laboratories and research facilities (Metabiota).

This whole statement covers the entire network of the deep state using the Biden and Kerry family members as proxies to conduct black site biological operations.

This is huge. It means that the good actors in US government are not going to cover for the treasonous activity committed by deep state actors, and it largely confirms that good actors in our government know about this infiltration and therefore have contingencies for this infiltration.

Now, I’m 100% positive they knew about it LONG before they released this statement, but them publicly admitting that we have been infiltrated is a massive step in the direction of justice and confirms essentially all of what we have been preaching for years.

Every aspect of American society was infiltrated by foreign actors and American actors on behalf of a global threat. Folks, the US GOV just confirmed the Deep State is real."


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So the Chinese (first to implement social credit scores) are saving us from totalitarianism?

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This. It's not even a limited mintage. I was on the "Notify me when in stock" list, but that price is fucking outrageous

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I hate to even post this, because IDK if there is any connection. However, it got a lot of attention on The Midnight Rider Telegram so I thought I'd post it here for you autists

by penisse
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Yup, I even found the image on the 'Stranger than fiction news' Telegram posted earlier this morning. No source, but I can't read the comments on it for some reason. Starting to think I cried tears of joy for no reason...

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They'll blame the shortages on droughts and bring 100mil of them over as climate refugees per John Kerry

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Perspective: An estimated 8 billion chickens are consumed over the course of a year in the US

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Dont trust anything that is given to you for "free"

Other TG channels to check out:

Midnight Rider Channel (Every Psaki highlight is added here live)


Intel Slava Z (Non-MSM version of Ukraine)

DismantlingTheCabal (a bit racist)

POYMemeFarm (our sense of humor)

Stranger Than Fiction News

The Sovereign Society

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Known carcinogen, used to sterilize medical shit if my memory serves me correct.

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I think we've been droppin bombs on those folks for the past 10 or so years...

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