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Big fan, this guy, TRUCKER STRIKE LFG!!!! FJB LGB

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The day LL died and FB was created was FEB 4…which is 17 days before TRUTH goes live Feb 21st. u/#q2988

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Well that lady is eighty-fucking-four and is likely spoon fed mashed peas like a baby and wears depends. Retire already ffs oh wait she’s in DC, DC run by China, yeah she’ll be out of a job soon.

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Kek so true. I’m not holding my breathe. I think we are going to continue to see the DS have to make more missteps and attempts to move pieces on the chess board. They are getting backed into a corner and time is not on their side. What will happen next? No idea. Excited for the Truth I can tell you that!

Yes. by YoFoo
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How about a FrEeEeEeEE $200 per newly vaxxed sheepchild in Minnesota, that Gov Tim Walz has got to be removed. What’s sad is so many people will offer up there kids for the money because they can’t afford food or bills etc...give shots, gimme money, kids don’t have a clue they were part of a drug deal.

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Edit I clicked delete by accident when editing here we go again. 17 days before 21st is Feb 4 Q post w Feb 4 and that date is when Lifelog(DARPA) went offline and FB was created in 2004. Perfect day to troll em! u/#Trumptank

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Andrew formerly known as Prince, Epstein, and every other pedo calls that child a “young woman” to justify there behavior. That is a child.

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11.3.2 is the part you’re looking for on 770 https://m.imgur.com/a/UEQ6LQE this is from dty6 on our discussion of this in the Checkmate post the other day.

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Not sure about shorting but the stock doesn’t look like its done all too well really last five years. Since Trump came in. That’s why they’ve got tits McGee commercials running nonstop on the tellavision. I’m looking at ditching them though. Who’s top choice for cellular?

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Whatever HE wants? No women work in offices? Hmmm... u/#Howdareyou

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Someone’s gotta have the video archived of Xiden being dropped off early on in his belligerent occupation in the dirty SUV USSS in boots and jeans shirt untucked and overcoat if I recall.

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Boycott JPMorgan, Citigroup, Nike, Columbia!

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Very interesting video and I like it’s length 7:17 numeric palindrome of 17! and he’s getting into the DoD LoW which we are all over

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Will check that later tks. Great points I agree. Check this been meaning to make a post w/ this Sidney Powell speech Mar 11 2020 and listen til 57:13. “If I were the president what I’d do is demand the Anthony weiner laptop and get it to the most trusted person in the military... ” “in fact I heard the NY police officers even though they are hardened investigators literally had to go throw up” hmm?

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Of fortune 100. Sooooo 33 companies!?! KEK this is hilarious. Just cause 33 companies muh EvErYbOdY DO IT “the 2021 Small Business Profiles show the United States is home to 32.5 million small businesses employing 46.8% of the private workforce”

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Wow fantastic job fren!

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