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Why call him by any name other than Steponallofus?

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That's not how open source works. The original design moves along, but others can "fork" designs off the original and e eryone can see what the others are doing. You can see what people are making progress in other areas and see potential paths forward you couldn't see before.

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Why worry about patents? Open source it... that's exactly what Randall Carlson and others are doing with the vagra "thunderstorm generator."

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Exactly right. We travel to them to train them, they travel to us to train them... it's pretty simple. We have Italians, Germans, Nords, etc at some of our Marine bases who train in our F35s and even the old AV8.

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I'm one of those who never got sick before, but get sick all the time now. My whole life, I got a cold once every 2 or 3 years. Over Christmas week this year I was really bad off, but I'm ALREADY sick again with a fever and spent all day the past two days sneezing, coughing, have severe congestion, and migraines. I take zinc, curcumin, Zicam, dayquil, colloidal silver and even bought nasal spray today. Nothing is touching the sicknesses I get now.

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I'm sorry to hear this. God bless you, Brigitta, and all those involved. It's good to know she has you there to help her.

by Qanaut
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Yogurt! I hate yogurt

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Do you not understand what open source means? A lot of great open source programs are written by people we don't know. Just because we don't know who Satoshi is doesn't mean anything if the program is open source... you can read the code line-by-line.

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It's sad the Red Hat was a beacon for open source, but is now woke as fuck. Linus proclaimed how proud he was to be woke, so he can screw off.

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This guy always said it days after as if he had 1st hand knowledge. He's always been full of it.

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I listened to him plenty of times when he used to be on the SGT Report and so I went and watched his own videos. They were all extremely vague and took information straight from 8chan/4chan and would explicitly say that he "spoke to sources" then regurgitate exactly what I had read on the chans just a day or so before. I was on the chans all day everyday pretty much from 2013 to 2017, so I read all kinds of things well before anyone else had seen or heard it. Here this guy was along with that Simon guy and a few others, datefagging at every turn possible and would claim of personal knowledge, yet they had none.

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He's such a fraud just like the rest of those wannabe Anons. There's him and o e other guy that people always say they listen to, Simon something. Completely stupid and have never been right about anything.

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You do realize the list pretty general right? He's not listing specifics of each topic he lists. People like you have no reading comprehension at all.

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It's ridiculous we get banned for saying anything against them. I got banned for 2 days because of a post I made.

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It kills me that people still believe that. Those who call themselves Jews but are not are of the Synagogue of Satan. The Jews with a circumcised heart and of Abraham are the real jews and Israel, not the country or the Jewish religion.

And before I get banned again on this site for saying that:




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