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We are the 1% that is ready for the truth. Most normies cant even grasp the fact the jab was made in a lab and never even tested let alone the fact it was done to purposely kill as many as possible. These truths would break most normies brains, the denial is already ridiculous and barely anything has been shown yet.

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I'm ready for the outrage. Most people I talk to aren't even the slightest bit mad at the fact they were lied to and poisoned. It really bugs me.

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Another deep state puppet. Let's see how long it takes for him to go broke like the woke fag he is.

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Ya once I read "white hats" it seemed larpy

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2025 Trump will be president with maga Congress maga Senate and maga house

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Yup same with tim pool, they always reference the JFK jr thing to dismiss it as nonsense which goes to show they hvent looked into Q at all since Q says JFK jr is not alive.. Its annoying cause tim even has kash on his show all the time but always calls anyone that follows Q or believes it could be real a deranged lunatic. But he also thinks Biden won because the Democrats "ground game" and there was no fraud. I can't wait for it all to be revealed and all these arrogant fucks to get bitch slapped with reality.

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I lost a lot of brain cells reading the comments..brain hurts....too much stupid..

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