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JD Vance voted for Hillary. Trump donated to the Clintons.

*I'm not crazy about Oz, but I'd vote for him

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LSD and DMT (Ayahuasca) have highly therapeutic properties and put the user into an introspective state.

*There are other options, but there's a reason most governments ban them.

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The overlords also banned psychedelics: LSD, Shrooms, DMT (Ayahuasca)

These drugs have demonstrable benefits to the human psyche. (But don't take them lightly)

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The lengths the establishment went to for McCormick is enough to make me vote for Oz.

*Oz was also an early proponent of Hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for Covid.

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Ton Wyatt is a grifter, and his story is patently retarded.

I'm agnostic, but if the arc did exist, I'd bet it's in Ethiopia. (See Graham Handcock)

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I'd vote Greitens. He said he would vote against Mitch McConnell as Senate Majority leader.

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I'm agnostic about Q, but many of the things Q explains make sense

*However, Trump traveling through time is errant nonsense.

(and reeks of Simon Parkes/Robert David Steele)

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Watch whoever you want

*The "ideological purity" people can suck it

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Always thought she was a whacko. (Throw in Jenna Ellis as well)

*They don't have the righteous indignation of MTG or Kari Lake

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Would've been criminal if no one mentioned Jackie Chan Adventures

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I have close liberal friends and I consistently dispense redpills.

My strategy for staying friends and keeping it civil are:

1: Make sure everyone knows it's a good-faith conversation. It's not about "winning", it's about arriving at a better understanding of issues.

2: Stick to specific issues, and be as narrow as possible.
It's not about whether you're MAGA or not, it's about: "did the media censor the Biden Laptop during an election" and "did the media admit it's true". The same can be applied to the credible theory of Covid coming from the Wuhan lab.

3: Be open to other perspectives.

4: I only talk about politics in 1/3 of my conversations with my friends

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But leftists also ruined the word "petulant"

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Go fuck yourself with your dooming

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Thanks for the comprehensive reply.

*Will have to look up those incidents

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