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Narrative Collapse.

Can't keep up with the lies now that we have exposed the truth.

They would never quit if they thought they could win, so they know they would lose.

This is a MAJOR WIN for the Good Guys!!!!!

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Not buying it. He's a solid Democrat. Trump wouldn't do that.

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Inventing in yourself is the best investment you'll ever make! You'll be fine, just be open to what comes your way. It may be a new path for you.

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Please investigate Boron.

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Trees have leaves and blooming flowers in the background? Seems a bit early to have THAT many blooming flowers and green lawn.

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You are correct for "items" but when it comes to PROPERTY (land/buildings), I'm not sure it's the same. I could be wrong, but the few property sales/purchases I've done don't work the same as "items"/assets.

Please appreciate, I'm NOT saying that Trump WANTS this to happen, but I AM saying he will probably turn this into his favor SHOULD this happen. If this were me, I'd take ANY opportunity to get the hell out of NY that I could.

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The way I understand this is that IF he doesn't come up with the money, Letitia will seize and hold in escrow, the title to his property until after the appeal. If Trump wins the appeal, she has to return the title. No one expects her to abide by the rules. She will seize the title and either sell the property or house illegals in it thereby destroying the property. Trump will be entitled to monetary damages and will accept the money and run out of town with a boatload of money.

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Well, he did move his residence out of NY. Also, he's no dummy. He can see how NY is deteriorating. Hell, everyone can see it. This saves him from loss of business, bankruptcy, cost of a sale. This is a gift to him!

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Another possibility:

NY is failing. This might be an easy to get rid of a future problem asset who's value is declining. Trump will win on appeal, and he can use the refunded money to buy a new property in a better location. Think bigger people!!

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By NOT putting Chris Wrey in a holding cell until he supplies answers, Jim Jordan is just as guilty IMHO.

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"They" wanted a conviction in these cases BEFORE the ballot and machine fraud was proven.

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That's a whole new rabbit hole.....for another day.

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