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I know. Thanks for the summary anyway.

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Thanks, I've read stuff about it but I wanted to know more details like, why did he go to Kenosha that day? Did he cross state lines with the gun and why is that a crime?

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Is there a link where I can read in detail what he was being accused of and why it was false?

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The only thing they got wrong is that it was a religious conservative government who did it. It's actually a Godless liberal government doing it. Guess the comic writer projected his own political stance to his opponent but it backfired.

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Employees who are not vaccinated and those who have not attested to their vaccination status will be required to attend a training session on the benefits of COVID-19 vaccination to ensure they have authoritative and accurate information on vaccine safety and benefits.

That's a nice description of a lobotomy session.

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This is capitalism at work - the interests of society overcome the desires of one.

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I'm going to stand on the other side of people here, and say that among the doctors that usually denounce the wrongdoings of mass vaccinations, very few actually say "nobody should take it". Dr. Robert Malone for example defends immunizing the elderly and immunocompromised. The definition of "elderly" can vary but 60s is usually accepted. They're probably more in danger of Covid than of the vaccine itself. Marriage is something God made for life, and husbands are called to make sacrifices for their wives.

That is not the case for your sister. Tell her about Quercetin like somebody mentioned here, and God bless.

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https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33454595/ This paper relates iron overload with Covid and suggests it is one cause of complications. (note: I haven't read it fully)

Although the article mentions iron chelators (which supposedly reduce your iron levels), there doesn't seem to be an easy way to accomplish it; the simplest being donating blood, but I'd do that carefully, especially if you're not 100%.

Lactoferrin, which is mentioned there, can be found in cow milk and mother's milk.

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Like Paul Joseph Watson has been saying for years, "conservatism is the new counter culture".

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Came here to say that. Even presenting numbers requires a level of trust that has long been broken.

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It should be added that the last time a "temporary" military power took over, it was supposed to last a few months until elections were called. It actually took 21 years as a dictatorship. Most people who lived it said it was a peaceful period, but that if you were on the right side, of course. Totally different if you were against the government - then they were pretty violent, and that's what history classes teach now. Nevertheless they kinda screwed the economy for several decades. People turn back to that sight now when the term "military coup" is brought up.

Edit: Oh and to add a bit more flavour to the pot, the machines used in the elections are being criticised as extremely unsafe and we have the STF saying they're fine but no audit is allowed to be done, like they're preparing the ground for something. Sound familiar?