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It would better if they were lining up to seriously reduce the size and scope of the federal government. Federal revenue and manpower needs to be halved. Return the money to the people who can decide whether or not to pursue government activities at the local and state level. Time to end the grifter's frauds.

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I have been a skeptic of all things q for a long time...particularly for the the outrageous claims including:

  1. cabal puppeted north korea
  2. cabal were devil worshipers who ate children
  3. there was a secret undeclared war including a missile fired at seattle and no one, not even the good guys said anything about it.
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It has. At least one LA representative had died. More interestingly, it apparently has not devastated the homeless population which would have been expected given all of the fear mongering by the media. That is what should be investigated to determine the true deadliness of the virus, not the bogus statistics brought to you by the CDC.

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He didn't. They manufactured a lot of votes for him.

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glen greenwald

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Are they going to give him an emmy too?

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Well thats about what I expected given that those two car jackers that killed that uber driver got probation.

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No. Be like scott pressler and fight to take back your country...

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This guy is showing us how to fight them... be like scott.

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I don't know sworn statement by

a vindman that was in the room and he heard hillary and o'bama discussing the op?

text chats where the perps discussed the op?

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Even if they weren't woke retards you should have pulled your money out on principle years ago. Bank local.

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something doesn't add up. This is in iraq, not afghanistan... I thought iraq had things under control...

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How are they determining what qanon thinks? Is that even possible?

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Preventative health care is smart and relatively cheap. Particularly if you can mitigate with lifestyle changes. Just be careful of the proposed "cures".

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I bet they find a laptop that links foreign money paid as bribes to hunter in order to influence government policy.

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Rehearsing for her swearing in...until the morons realized that she is required to be vp to break ties in the senate...and as soon as she gets sworn in, mitch won't pass another thing through the senate nor confirm any new vice president thereby preserving a 50-50 tie in the senate until the next election.

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Maybe. If they realize that we have been 20 years too long in afghanistan then we will have a better future.

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