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Seems like the FJB actor can sometimes 'overplay' his role. Reminds me of James Mason in NORTH BY NORTH WEST... "Seems to me you fellows could stand a little less training from the F.B.I. and a little more from the Actor's Studio."

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12:30pm Jan 22 is OZZIE time

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  1. Bringing Up Baby and It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World
  2. Tootsie
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Found this old clip of President Trump discussing one of his (and mine, plus countless critics and directors) favourite films:


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Playing through some Nintendo Switch games on my break. Gotta love the title: Link's AWAKENING in 'TLoZ' series

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Nope, but dead set mate, the sceptic tanks won't get the yonks part, fair dink!

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The correct answer is 'yours', 'mine' and 'ours'. Hoomans drive around with rear window stickers - 'I LOVE MY DOG' well so do I! I love their dog too and all 8 of mine. Main goal in life = pat all the Dogs!

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