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At least he didn't say two more weeks. That is an improvement.

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I took the sound out because the music might get copyright takedown. you can save it from catbox and share it where ever.

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It's ok now, they probably only show white people getting arrested.

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Here is a funny one that no one seems to care about. Remember when Trump tweeted those wanted posters from the Jackson monument protests where they tried to tear down the statues? One of the people on one of the wanted posters from the FBI/Capitol police was found by anons on 4chan with a free online mug shot search the day after they posted the wanted posters. So the FBI didn't even try to ID those people and when the anons ID one of them the FBI didn't do anything. But now they are going to extreme lengths to ID the "insurrectionist" on January 6th who didn't vandalize anything.
Here is the post from 4chan:
Here is the video that an anon made showing how the free search worked but now the company removed the free face search it seems.

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I am not an expert either but it smells like a LARP. If he had any kind of kill switch the bad guys would have found it and disabled it before they killed him.

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I looked up the boat situation and it doesn't look good. Moving complicates the hardware you need to track the satellite. It also seems your account is locked to a specific zone so you can just buy the stationary dish and bring it to shore whenever you want internet. It also seems some countries are going to block the ground stations that it needs to work.

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here is an mp3 if you actually want to use it for an alarm.

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In the comments of this post https://patriots.win/p/12igqwgSIP/hydroxy-or-ivermectin/c/
someone apparently says you can get ivermectin for horses from tractor supply. I haven't done it.
This article describes how to use pine tea to block the spike proteins or whatever.
I have tons of pine trees around my house but of course they are all the wrong kind so I didn't try this either.
All in all it seems kinda nutty but these are nutty times.

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I feel like the globalists are spreading it on purpose somehow. They are trying to make it seem like the vaccine is what stopped it but they will just stop spreading it when enough people get the vaccine.

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You can check-out any time you like
But you can never leave!

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Why wouldn't the top levels of the military be as corrupt as any other bureaucratic institution? It seems like everyone backstabbed Trump. He should have just picked his cabinet by randomly picking people from his rallies.

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It seemed like 4chan was trying to figure out kappy's keepass or whatever to get access to all his accounts so they could maybe find the file but those threads seemed to dry up with nothing to show for it or I missed it.

by Raken
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If you have a NVIDIA Card try running the audio through RTX voice.