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Great lecture on the topic here:


And people say Trump isnโ€™t Illuminati or some other fraternity? Yeah right.

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Mexican Joker. The South Park guys nail it a lot of the time, but their libtard influences really got that situation totally wrong.

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Not lying is a good start.

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He's got his own version of Batman's Alfred whispering advice into his brain. (I dunno the name of the Iron Man AI)

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You know who believed 2 + 2 = 4? Hitler.

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Pureblood baby.

Got fired for refusing the injections.

Went to D.C. on J6.

Don't trust Mr. Trump any more. Or his family.

Thanks to Telegram instead of this bubble.

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If you can't understand why lying is wrong, you haven't been doing proper research.

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Cute. Good job Tina.

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I'm finally taking his sketchy illuminati hand signs into consideration, as well as a lot of other things in his past that I overlooked.

Him lying about the c-injections is unacceptable.

"You knew I was a snake before you let me in."

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Thereโ€™s no going back. We need a new blockchain based Reddit alternative.

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Transvestigation series by Mr E.

Get ready to binge and have the veil lifted from your eyes. They are everywhere.


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He mentions going to the moon and satellites in the first 3 minutes. Not a great sign that he is as plugged into reality as I thought he was.

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You introduced me to Clif.

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I was working with disabled asshole teenagers as a caregiver. New job is on the down low to keep a little privacy.

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I moved from Spokane WA because I got fired for refusing the injections at work and the whole city was masked up. In College Station TX now and it is way less clown world here.

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Saturn / Satan worship. The cake is a lie. 5-pointed star. Eyes Wide Shut masks. Masonic checkerboard but orange instead of black. Arrow is a pyramid with sun behind it and maybe an all seeing eye at the top?

Reddit alien has an NPC antenna that picks up the frequency narrative from the hive-mind.

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