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This person ain't gonna make it.

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Cool, thanks! I have never heard it attributed to Stalin. I appreciate you sending. Salute.

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I do think these things are "not unrelated". The Left is losing on "Gun Control" everywhere now, with Heller + Bruen + West Virginia. I think they are panicking.

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I didn't take the burger and fries that Mayor DeBlasio (not his real name) offered me. I was holding out for a nice steak.

I ain't gonna accept just some garden variety M4. I'm holding out for an M240 or a MK18. I think I've been a good boy and deserve it.


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I have trouble figuring out the journo's new math, in describing these events. My interpretation is as you state. It's a female who thought she was a man.

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Yes, and sorry to hear about your friend. I think it's quite common, and that's a serious problem.

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Equally, any person who can follow the scientific method and apply facts, logic and math correctly to create and test hypotheses can deliver a result that is sufficiently valid that it can and should be considered.

What a lot of people want to do now is negate anyone's ability to criticize anything by saying "Are you a Medical Doctor?" "Are you a lawyer?" "Are you a Scientist?"

The use of these credentials has become a barrier to participation in the governing of ourselves, and has become a shield for the Deep/Administrative State and their bootlickers.

"Source?!?!" /s :)

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It seems to me that there is a concerted effort by Team Evil for decades now to break down the people's understanding of our government and its rules, etc.

For example, "Our Democracy". Never "Our Republic".

"Congressmen" should be called "Representatives".

The Senate is the Upper Chamber of the Congress, or one could say of The Legislature/The Legislative Branch. Not of the House. The House of Representatives is the Lower Chamber. So it should be "Senator" and "Representative". In theory I guess one could call a Senator a Congressman. In practice I have never heard that and I expect one would be "corrected" if one were to say that. Because for whatever reason (that I do not know), Representatives are now called Congressmen, but Senators are still called Senators.

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One of our frens posited on here that this was why Bitch McConnell suddenly had his medical event. To keep the balance of power in the D's favor.


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I have read that as well in the comments of frens. I have not seen any document that ratifies that, but I actually don't doubt it.

I will add the following (again repeating rumors/comments from frens). That Koresh went to the local police several times to complain about the drug running, and the local police did nothing. And that Koresh decided to take things into his own hands when the planes started showing up not with drugs but with children.

True? I don't know. But with the Clintons and their Clowns in America friends, I can believe it.

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Sadly, we Southern men don't need him (Neil) around, anyhow.

He's been a faggot for a loooong time.

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I love this place so much.

"Came here to say this". But, actually, I did.

The WHO is disgusting Globohomo faggotry.

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World All-time Rope-a-Dope Heavyweight Champion.

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Sic Semper Tyrannis.

I often tell people that Dune (the first three books especially) is not just a book/series of books. There is a lot of really solid thinking in those books.

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Haha. You must be medical. I read "pilots coding" and for a second thought "why would pilots be writing code?" and then I laughed when I realized what you meant.

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