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I can only go by personal experience, but both my parents got both shots last year [my mom even got the booster this year], and Ive been around them long enough where I shouldve experienced something.

So far so good. So either it doesnt shed enough to do any real damage, or, best case scenario, they got saline shots. [I have heard rumors of "covid" shots actually being saline but I dont know how accurate that is]

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So youre willfully ignorant. Maybe youd do better over at r/politics if facts arent something youre into

And no, spewing bullshit doesn't "wake people up", it confuses them into thinking theyre on the right track when in reality theyre in an endless rabbit hole. And then those same unfortunate victims start sharing the bullshit as if it's fact without doing any research on their favorite influencers simply because "they like them".

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You dont get it. It's called a limited hangout. He gives a small piece of the truth mixed in with bullshit.

Example: "The vax is dangerous" - true *Stew Peters' twist: "tHe VaX iS dAnGeRoUs BeCaUsE mUh SnAkE vEnOm" Meanwhile there's no evidence snake venom is in the vaccines. Besides, the spike protein already kills, so snake venom is overkill. No pun intended

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Stew Peters is an infowars shill. Hes always been a bullshitter. No better than people like simon parks, phil godlewski, and austin steinbart. Oh, sorry, "Q", as Steinbart likes to call himself.

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The chip shortage definitely wasnt made up. Game companies havent been able to get SoC's for their new consoles in recent years

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"Hey Billy, can I get that corn pudding recipe from you? Great, thanks. And did you get your covid shot?" 🤡

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Remember kids, daylight savings is waythist. 🤭

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Just tell them they're the crazy Karens. Cause they are. Do to them what they do to you with your links and tell them how misinformed they are.

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